Can't see computers in Workgroup

February 25, 2010 at 13:27:34
Specs: Windows XP Pro
I have two desktops connected to the internet through wired connections to a Linksys WRT54GS router. I also have one laptop that is wirelessly connected to the internet via the same router. (Also have another laptop running Vista, but not using it right now.) All computers are running XP-Pro, firewalls are all off (McAfee & XP), and all are part of the same workgroup with unique computer names.

Desktop 1 can see that there is a workgroup, but cannot see the computers in the workgroup. Error message about permissions.

Desktop 2 can see the workgroup, access shared folders on Desktop 1 & Laptop 1. Able to modify and add to shared folders on Desktop 1 & Laptop 1. Basically do everything I want it to do.

Laptop 1 can usually find the workgroup, but cannot see the computers in the workgroup. Error message about permissions.

I opened every setting I can think of, wriote down the setting, matched them on all the computers. I double checked the workgroup name & the subnet mask. And all three computers can ping each other and themselves successfully. I have internet access on all three computers.

I am going crazy running between all three computers trying to figure out why this one desktop is working and the other are not. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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February 25, 2010 at 13:43:54
Maybe help in this ???
You cannot access shared files and folders or browse computers in the workgroup with Windows XP

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February 26, 2010 at 11:54:42
Each PC ought to have an account on it for the other PCs wishing to access/use its resources etc... Ideally use the same logon/password for these accounts that you would use to logon to each PC locally...

Ensure you have share files/folders etc (as detailed in M$ KB posted above); and also enable a share on the appropriaate PCs.

Generally I haven't found it necessary to enable "NetBios over tcp/ip" when networking NT/W2K, XP . - only when at least system involved is dos/'9x/ME... I have 3 PC "workgroup" LAN that works fine without it (XP/W2K etc...). But as one system is also multi-boot... I have nonetheless enabled it as appropriate for when networking to dos/'9xME...

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