Can't install Pixelview TV Tuner card in XP

Honestech tvr / 2.5
July 10, 2010 at 19:38:53
Specs: Windows XP, P4/2 GB
Hello All,

I have bought this Pixelview TV Tuner card PV A881 P (Conexant CX23881-39) around a year back but was not able to use it. It worked fine on windows 98 but now when I try it on XP it gives me error "Could not initialise the capture device". I checked it on net and found that in video settings of Honestech TVR 2.5
Video Capture Device: Conexant 2388x Capture
Playback Device: Speakers
Recording Device: Line In
Playback: Master Volume
Recording: Master Volume
But only option I have is Realtek HD Audio Output & Recording Device is Realtek HD Digital Input. In playback I have Wave and no option in Recording. I tried downloading drivers from internet and reinstalling it. I also tried reinstalling the honestech software. When I try to scan for channels it scans and shows be around 196 channels but all are blank, it does not shows me any video or audio. Please help.

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July 11, 2010 at 01:02:44
I got this issue resolved just installed the capture driver and that resolved the issue. Now I am able to scan the channels but there is only static and no sound. I directly connected my speakers to sound out of the TV Tuner card. I tried different changes in setting but no good. Please help.

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July 12, 2010 at 19:56:12
Is the issue so difficult that none of the experts have answered it yet.

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July 12, 2010 at 23:14:42
You have probably quoted the wrong model info.

The ONLY significant "hits" I get on the web when I search using: PV A881 P
are YOUR posts, and there is only one short page of "hits" .

You quote: Conexant CX23881-39

This is probably your model:

Products - Multimedia - bottom of first page

PixelView PlayTV XCapture

It's probably either that, or a slightly older version of that.

"Chipset: Conexant CX23881"

If that ain't it, find the proper card on the Prolink web site !
Support - Multimedia
Scroll down to PixelView PlayTV Series, click on the blue bar

Drivers / related software for XP:

Download - PCI / PCI Express
pick a region
Scroll down to
X-Capture PV-CX881P Series

If that ain't it, find the proper card on the Prolink web site !

Un-install any drivers / related software you have installed that are listed in Add/Remove Programs.

If there was something there to un-install, Reboot.

DO NOT install drivers for the TV card while booting !

Go to Device Manager - if there is a listing for the Conexant CX23881 or anything else for the card, RIGHT click on it /them and Un-install it / them.

Reboot -

Unless the instructions for installing a device tell you otherwise.......
You DO NOT install drivers for a device while booting into Windows, if the software for the device has not been installed yet - when Windows detects a generic device or New Hardware while booting, you allow it to search for drivers, it doesn't find any, and it wants you to show it the location of the drivers - CANCEL that, continue on to the desktop, and install the software for the device using the proper installation from a CD or the proper installation file that you downloaded from the web.

If you DID install drivers that way, go to Control Panel - Classic View - Add/Remove Programs and Un-install the software you installed, reboot, DO NOT install drivers while booting, and install the software the right way !

The same applies no matter when Windows finds New Hardware !

TV cards do NOT detect the available channels well, or sometimes won't detect them at all, if the TV video signal they get is weak.
A TV can easily amplify a signal that's weak , but a TV card can't.

If you live in a large building, such as an apartment building, the cable signal may be quite weak by the time it gets to where you are.
If you are using one or more coax cable splitter boxes to split the incoming TV signal to a TV and the TV tuner card, the first one halves the signal strength (if it's 2 connections to 1), and if you have more in line, each one reduces the signal but not as much as the first one does.

I have had to use a (coax) cable TV amplifier box inline before the TV tuner card in order to get enough signal strength for a TV tuner card to detect all available channels and have a clear picture on every channel or nearly every channel.

There is a setting in the program that plays TV where you must choose the right source - if you choose the wrong one, all you get is "snow" for channels and "fuzz" for audio.

There is a setting in the program that plays TV where it can search for only the channels that have a strong enough signal for it to detect well. If you don't get it to do that, you may have a lot of channels that have no signal.

If you have the software and related programs for the Realtek HD audio installed properly (see the above if you installed only the drivers - it wasn't installed properly) , then many of the 1/8" sound ports can be used for one of more than one thing, and one of those can be used for Audio IN , if you're not using more than a pair of speakers, which you probably must connect to Audio out from the TV card. There should be a Realtek xxxxx icon in Control Panel that has settings for the !/8" ports and other sound settings, and when you plug something in to certain ports, a pop up should appear on your desktop screen asking you which purpose you want to use that 1/8" port for.

RIGHT click on the speaker icon in your taskbar, choose Open Volume Control.
If the volume setting for what you want to appear is not there, at the top left choose Options - Properties, and click on the empty box in front of everything you want to appear to insert a checkmark on the box, click on OK.

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