Can't install KB982168 no error message just won't install

February 29, 2012 at 20:37:55
Specs: Windows XP
I've checked and it did not install

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February 29, 2012 at 21:28:51
What makes you believe it did not install? How did you check?... more details are needed!

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March 2, 2012 at 09:21:43
I checked the updates in the add.remove programs and the update is not listed there.

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March 2, 2012 at 19:48:23
If you're getting no error message, then how do you know it wasn't installed ?

Are you being told by Automatic Update over and over again that it wants you to install it ?

"I checked the updates in the add.remove programs and the update is not listed there."

Most KBxxxxx updates DO NOT show up there.

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March 3, 2012 at 08:38:20
It tells me the update did not install..... but doesn't give an error etc.
Also other KB updates are shown if you check the box for show updates.

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March 3, 2012 at 09:33:27
Some KBxxxxx updates show up ONLY in the Windows folder when you have enabled showing hidden and protected system files.

Found on the web when I searched for KB982168 then looked for problems with it not installing....

"I just run into this problem and I check with microsoft:
the problem turned out to be a currupted/damaged .net framework component. it required to uninstall the whole .net framework and then install it again.

this is what I was asked to do and what I did:

to uninstall the whole .net framework I was asked to use this tool
(My notes... - see the download link for it on the right side of the screen.)

" (continued)

(*** make sure you select all versions****)

then I just dowloaded the .net framework with sp1 again from here:

after that I uninstalled manually the 3 updates I was having problems with (KB982524, KB982168 and KB979909), then windows updates took care of the remainder updates and I've believe my problem was resolved. "

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May 16, 2012 at 16:54:00
Simply Download and install windows installer 4.5, the problem is that a (windows installer) package file cannot be found/opened.

I have been struggling with this problem all day and I reinstalled Framework about 6 times, I found out when I manually tried to install kb982168, it came with an error message, I did a google search and found out it is a windows installer problem.

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May 17, 2012 at 11:56:04

It used to be you could no longer post in an older topic after a certain relatively short period of time had elapsed since the date and time of the last post in a topic on this site, but apparently that did not apply when you made your post.

We haven't heard from mmorris since March 3, 2012. I doubt that he is going to respond to your post.

Yes, it's possible that his problem was Windows Installer was not working properly and needed to be fixed.

However, you'll note he lists his OS as XP in the first post.
You can't install version 4.5 of the Windows Installer in XP. The highest version that can be installed in XP is version 3 .

Vista that has no Windows SP updates or that has SP1 updates comes with version 4.0. When Vista SP2 updates have been installed, the Windows Installer version has been upgraded to version 4.5.

Or, you can choose to install the version 4.5 of it yourself, for whatever Vista installation you have.
In another topic about a similar problem in Vista, he tried to install the correct version of the version 4.5 of Windows installer, but he got an error message saying it wasn't appropriate. He had already installed the SP2 updates in Vista, so the error message may have been due to version 4.5 having already been installed.
Unfortunately, he chose to install his brand name software installation from scratch, so he didn't try any of the ways we suggested or pointed him to to fix what was wrong with the Windows Installer.

I'm not sure what Windows Installer version Windows 7 comes with - I suspect it's version 4.5.

Apparently if the Windows Installer version has been upgraded that doesn't show up in Add or Remove Programs in 2000 or XP, or in Programs and Features in Vista or Windows 7.

Which version of Windows Installer that has been installed in 2000 and up can be determined by typing: msiexec in the CMD window.

If there is something wrong with Windows Installer, you'll probably get an error message when you do that rather than the Windows Installer version being displayed.

The Windows Installer version not working properly is only one of the reasons Windows updates don't install properly.

If Windows Installer stopped working properly after some point in time, since Automatic Update requires that Windows Installer is working properly when it installs any update, or at least when it installs most of it's updates, examining the Windows Updates or Microsoft Updates history and looking for updates that failed to install will yield you an approximate date and time when it stopped working properly.
You may see that ALL updates failed to install after a certain date and time. In that case, the Windows Installer not working properly is probably the cause of all of them failing to install.

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