Can't copy my documents to another hard drive

November 20, 2010 at 04:41:37
Specs: Windows XP
I had major problems with XP on my hard disc, so fitted another hard disc and installed XP on that. All works well, but I want to copy across the 'my documents' folder from the old disc (E) to my new disc (C). It gives error access denied. But I have been able to copy across other folders.

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November 20, 2010 at 20:40:09
Can't believe nobody has been commenting on this post!! Probably because it is unclear and incomplete... but that in itself is all too common here.

Reading between the lines, I will guess that the error message is originating from the My Documents on the new (C) drive... and... here I have to assume quite a bit, since your post is "incomplete", that you have been trying to perhaps overwrite (or some similar operation) the "new" My Documents on (C), with the "old" My Documents from what is now (E) drive. Wrong move!

Again, I will assume: your new XP installation created a new My Documents on (C) drive, by default. That's normal, and you can merge the contents from (E) to (C), but not overwrite.

Moving the "My Documents" folder that was automatically created on Drive (C) during your recent XP installation to your drive (E) would actually be a very good idea. Then you can merge all your "old" docs into it. There is no good reason for data to be using up space on the Operating System drive.

This is assuming that there is a not hardware problem with drive (E) (your Original Post [OP] suggested the problem was not hardware-related).

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