canon s330 printer won't print

Canon S330 inkjet printer
July 11, 2010 at 07:15:15
Specs: Windows Vista
I had a ink waste absorber message and reset it by unpluging and by holding both buttons. Now the yellow flashing light has stopped blinking but when its acting like its printing, I say acting, because no ink is on the paper and I'm not getting any messages, so everything seems fine.

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July 11, 2010 at 09:43:48
I'm a little confused.. is it printing or not? Your last sentence would seem to suggest it is printing OK?

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July 11, 2010 at 20:02:22
No it acts like it is, it's going through the printer the ink cartridges are moving but there is no ink on the paper and the ink is new.

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July 12, 2010 at 13:22:52
mmm check the info here for a possible "what/Why" etc...

specifically read the input by "doldgeek" as he discusses the issues and problems associated with the "waste absorber"... From which you may see that if the ink absorber is full... you can't print... Presumably if that is the case... one has to have bit replaced - either by Canon reps or oneself (if that's possible)?

and this is the manual for your printer; suggest you browse it - especially the trouble-shooting section... It may also help or at least point the way?

If things are really bad then the cost to fix may be more than it's worth; as replacement printer may be cheaper? But hopefully a it's not that bad? Also perhaps a call to Canon may help - or at least a decent Canon dealer (who may actually know his stuff - which all to often is rare these days)?

The manual may also include how to reset the absorber counter too... which is a vital thing to do if one replaces the waste absorber (according the info posted by "doldgeek"...

There are more than few sites out that discuss this problem too; and also replacing the absorber - and resetting counters...

This post discusses it in some measure too...; and offers a few possibilities...

This site includes (way down) reset codes for your printer - after one has changed the absorber...

This site tells how to "clean" that pad... and includes the reset codes....:

And read this one throroughly; as it does deal with your model and the chap does manage to resolve it all...?

and it includes this link...

And this chap tells you how to replace hthe pad(s); providing you can get them and are happy to have a go...:

I haven't managed to find a source for the replacement pad(s); unless they're available from Canon direct? Presumably there is apart number for it/them too; may be in the manual?

Overall you may have to fall back on a call to Canon support and see what they can offer (if anything) useful. And even then you may be better off with a new unit?

Incidentally how old is this printer; and is it by chance under any warranty?

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