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Cannot Install Drivers Using Driver Max

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I can download new drivers from Driver Max into DriverMax Agent but when I select a driver, then ‘Install’, the driver does not install and I do not get a success or failure message in Agent.
This has only recently started to happen. I uninstalled Driver Max and re-installed the latest version but the problem still remains. I asked DriverMax but they haven’t bothered to answer. Can anyone offer any suggestions please?


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  1. “When I install a program I pause protection in my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2011. “

    Very good idea. I always try to remember to disable whatever resident module of anti-malware software I have running before installing software myself and I rarely have problems installing software when I do that.
    It’s also very important to do that when Windows SP2 or SP3 updates are being installed in XP.

    You should never install new drivers overtop if you can un-install the previous ones first then install the new ones.

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