Buried popup annoyance

Hewlett-packard / Acer netbook aoa150-1029
March 1, 2009 at 18:30:50
Specs: XPH w/SP3, 2.0 Ghz with 2Gb RAM
So frustrating to often find a buried popup, sometimes one for a download and most other times, popups indicating a step at installing programs.

Googling tells me it's likely a jave issue, but I've found anything to do w/java requires an endless stream of unanswered questions (in order to work w/java).

I can't even find simple java update info like does one need to uninstall older java versions before updating.

Nevertheless, I wish there was a fix for this bug (other than maybe always disabling Norton's and IE's popup blocker, if that'd even work).

Of some solice, I did just now find a fix for the eons old MS tooltip bug (taskbar hides most of the tooltip under the taskbar,, ref. 'freeware XP&Vista' TooltipFixer 2.0).

Regards and hap-e-trails, Steve Hopper

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March 2, 2009 at 01:33:27
Steve Hopper, some suggestions for you. Which browser are you using? I use Firefox and rarely get a popup. It has a built in popup blocker.
Do you have an AV at work scanning in the background? That'll catch most nasties as they try to download. I run (freebie) Avast! ( free @: http://www.avast.com/avad1.htm) if you need it.
Possible you have some sort of Trojan? Be aware that a virus and a Trojan are similar, but not the same. Many times, an AV detects one it can't clean , other times, it gets missed entirely.
If you need to clean one, Superantispyware can do the job and you can get it free @:
among other places. They have a Vista compatible version if needed.
If it turns out that you need to use it, be sure to update prior to running and disable 'restore' (restart after cleaning) so it doesn't get put back. They just released a new update recently and it changes all the time. Things are in a constant state of flux.
I run it monthly 'just 'cuz' as a precaution.
Ed in Texas.

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March 2, 2009 at 03:59:00
Ed in Texas, appreciate the generousity and helpfulness of your reply. I'm using IE6 & 7 (2 new laptops Vista & XPH SP3 and one old laptop XPH SP2) and the fairly frequent buried popups have been of some annoyance and even added to OS problems in that I have stalled some installs (due to the issue) after not finding the popups when they were needing my responses. Worse, understandably I'm thinking the registry has been getting screwed up due to this issue.

That said, its not likely either virus or trojans are causing this, especially since for years I've experienced this, even w/Windows 98. The problem seems to me an obvious one of a lack of properly focusing on popups. I've since begun minimizing open windows whenever I'm installing anything.

As for AV, I've tried most all of them, and even though I had a nasty time w/Norton's NIS 2005 (vowing to never use Norton again), but in that Norton was the one that recently saved my both the infected pendrive and my '05 VAIO from a bar311 trojan (which of note, TrendMicro's online scanner totally messed up the OS and even failed to clean the pendrive, despite feigning that it had. Of note, Blink's AV failed to detect it on the infected USB pendrive, both on autoscan and even a manual scan of the pendrive.

Hence, Norton having no problem fixing the pendrive and later, even the removed HD (as after TM's scanner 'cleaned' bar311, the 'cleaned' system therafter would only log on and immediately log right back off), so I'm now w/Norton (especially since neither Blink or TrendMicro had anything to say about my repeated complaints about their products failures).

Again, as neither one replied back indicating they'd fixed either their software, scanners or even their definitions for the bar311 varient of the something like 3 year old trojan (originating from the Philippines), I'm trusting in Norton.

Sooo, anyone having knowledge of this apparent bug's fix, I'd sure like to hear of it.

Oh ya, sorry for the war stories, but I have so many of them ('running' and I use the term loosely, Windows).

Regards and hap-e-trails, Steve Hopper

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March 3, 2009 at 23:26:59
I run XP Pro SP3 and IE7 and I don't get any popups at all, on any of the systems I have. I know they come up alot because an information bar shows up on the top of some pages I visit saying "A pop-up window was blocked."

Check the settings. In IE7, go Tools>Pop-Up Blocker>Pop-up Blocker Settings. A window should appear. In the Allowed Sites box, there should be 3 listings there (atleast on the XP systems anyway), which are related to some MSN Games that come preinstalled with Windows XP. Towards the bottom of the window, under Filter Level, make sure it is set to atleast Medium. Medium is where it's set on my systems and I have no problems.

It seems that IE's integrated pop-up blocker has been improved in SP3. Under SP2, the pop-up blocker managed to block the first pop-up, but I always seemed to get any subsequent ones that followed while on the same page.

WinSimple Software

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May 2, 2009 at 17:58:12
Replies about pop-ups (per say) seem to be targeting unwanted one like advertising. Maybe why nobody has yet addressed my issue, is that perhaps there's another more appropriate term for my 'pop-ups' that I find buried under webpages (they either close when I close the webpage itself or it's simply too late to use the 'pop-up' when I do finally discover it).

Pop-up, pane. window, whatever their called, they often are found hidden by an open webpage.

Regards and hap-e-trails, Steve Hopper

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