BSoD after installing Acronis Disk Director

January 21, 2010 at 08:54:46
Specs: Windows XP sp2
Hello everyone. I had 2 partitions on the same drive, both with ntfs and xp. Basically i had just one in the beginning, but there was something wrong in xp, so I decided to resize it and create another one, with a new fresh installation of XP to see if problems were hardware related. And yes, they were, it was the laptop battery. So i decided to pull it out and everything was running ok.
But now i had 2 ntfs partitions and wanted to go back to a big one. Since the old one was the one to get resized to make room for the new one (and i resized it so that free space would be created BEFORE the old partition) those two partition got named D: for the (the new one) and C: (old one).
Now i wanted to go back to one big partition and I used Acronis Disk Director Suite 10, using the "merge" function. I basically wanted these 2 ntfs partitions to merge into one, having the content of the old one (C: which comes AFTER in the disk) to be a folder in the new one (D: which comes before). And that was exactly was Acronis Disk Director asked me, what folder in D:, do you want the C: content to be put into ? I called the folder partition and waited for a long long long time for the merge operation to accomplish. And I thought it would have preserved boot data. But when everything was done and i decided to reboot, this message appeared "NTLDR" is missing. So i copied ntldr back from the xp cd along with following a ms. guide and then new errror boot message was: boot.ini file invalid. I really couldn't understand what was wrong, the hard drive content was there and I could see it using the recovery console. I checked boot.ini and it was ok ! Every time i was using the recovery xp shell, the newly created big partition i was left into was called C: . And that made sense to me, because now there was just one big partition. Anyway, i couldn't think of anything better than recover XP using the XP cd installation recovery feature... Finally the system was working... but oddly enough, after loggin into windows, i saw my hd drive had been named D: Well not so oddly, because basically new partition D: in which old partition got merged into, preserved its name after beeing trasformed into the Big One. But when using xp recovery console its letter was C: !! and i remembered that all boot.ini settings were referencing to C:\WINDOWS. Now i could understand why (possibly) i got that "boot.ini is invalid." I didn't need to recover xp installation, maybe i just needed to change boot.ini settings to D:\Windows but well anyways.. now I wanted to use again Acronis Disk Director to change the partition letter back to C: - but it wouldn't run and instead it would say "partition not found"... so i thought I needed to uninstall and reinstall again, to work properly, and that's what i did. Uninstalling, rebooting, installing it again, rebooting and.......... BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. f---in Blue Screen of Death !!! And what for ? For uninstalling and reinstalling Acronis Disk Director ???? f---in Acronis Disk Director ??? Probably crashin my whole computer just because it got installed on a partition called D: with no C: partition ?? What the hell ! Sorry for my ranting ! But again what the hell ! I had to recover xp installation once again ! W.T.F. !!! Now is there a patient, good man, who can suggest me a painless good way to having a partition called C: ?? Or at least i would really appreciate any help, trying to understand why acronis crashed my whole computer, and if there is any way to avoid it, and make it work.........

I know this all sounds crazy..... but informatics sometimes needs to be dominated.

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January 21, 2010 at 09:52:45
I do not know any thing about "acronis" so you will have to contact them for issues with the system. As for your partition issues all you needed to do after merging them is to switch the drive letter that the partition mounted to. You do this by...

Start-> Right-Click "My Computer" -> Select "Manage" -> Scroll down to "Disk Management" -> Right Click the D: drive. -> select "Change Drive Letter and Path".

If Windows will not boot you can do the same thing in the Recovery Console after booting off your Windows CD and using the DISKPART command. See here for instruction on the DISKPART command...

Not sure if this helps because I am not clear as to what state your system is currently in. After doing what you said what happens when you boot your computer now? Does it boot? If so does it boot to a C: or a D:?

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January 22, 2010 at 02:30:23
No, that was the first thing i tried. You can't assign a drive letter to a _system_ partition through disk management tool. It will say: "windows can't change drive letter of a system partition".

Same thing applies to the diskpart utility:
From the microsoft support article you provided:

assign [[letter=l]/[mount=path]] [noerr]

Use the assign command to assign a letter or mount point to the current in-focus volume.
The drive letter assignment is blocked on the system, boot, or paging volumes.

So, no go.

-System is operational now. It boots correctly and everything works fine. Only problem if we can call it, is that partition letter is D: (with no C: partition) and I think this gives problems or confuses any application trying to work at boot time like for example acronis disk director. (creating unrecoverable crashes - bsods, only recoverable by xp cd recover installation). What i am sensing is that for a small fraction of time, at boot time, windows refers to the first partition of the first drive, as C:, no matter what you called it, and then, as soon the system starts to load, it gets instructed to call it D: (or any other letter you chose).

And I think this is the mechanism that should be investigated on, to get those application that work at boot time to behave correctly, in the case a D: partition is present and a C: is not.

For I really think this is not a personal issue of my computer, but will affect anybody with the same partition configuration. Or maybe other non standard partition configurations as well.

Tools which work at boot time, like Acronis Disk Director or Partition Magic, from what i know, are the only ones which can change a letter of a windows _system_ partition because apart from changing its letter, they also need to go through the system, i think, and change all the references from (i.e.) D: to C: (xp registry as well?).

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January 22, 2010 at 04:23:36
Ok, as supposed, any program operating at boot, would compromise the system again. And that happened with windows updates as well. After the reboot required by windows updates, i got a "ntfs.sys" not found in /windows/system32.
At this point i need to say that i checked the disk for errors already and it hasn't got any.
Now i will move data to another hd, it'll take probably hours...
and fu#$kin format the whole thing again so I will finally get to work on a 'normal' C: partition and everything will work fine thanks to Microsoft Stupidity.

I am once again pleased to add myself to the big choir of people proudly singing:

F┬ÁCK YOU MICROSOFT. You deserve to be hated so much for your incompetence.

Anybody casually reading this: don't use windows, use linux. I do and got involved in all this mess while trying to fix my sis computer.
Cya guys :)

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