BootP Server Exsisting DHCP

June 22, 2010 at 14:58:37
Specs: Windows XP, 2g
Hey Guys, I am trying to setup a bootP server on a network that already uses a DHCP server. Is it possible to setup just a tftp server on my PC and mabey a DHCP relay to reserve IP address for PCs netbooting?
Or is there like a command to use to manually reserve and IP address for a specific MAC #? I could mabey work somthing out with that.

FYI: I have gotten bootp to work on the network using tftpd32. My only concern is that my company uses their own dhcp server and if I use tftpd32 on the network I will likely cause some network problems/helpdesk calls.

Thanks in advance!


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June 22, 2010 at 17:10:20
tftp32 is a good way to setup a windows based tftp that can support pxe.

I am sure you can figure out a way to do that. All you'd have to do is adjust the companies servers to provide the correct IP and boor paramaters of the tftp server.

Maybe you could more easily support a GPXe boot to a http server or ftp or even iscsi device. Unless you needed this to be fully remote. The only way you could do that is a real round about boot pxe to boot a gpxe kernel then to a http server or you'd have to reflash the nic rom chip.

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June 22, 2010 at 17:39:38
BooTP and DHCP where similar are not the same. The boot strap protocol also requests a configuration, like in a diskless wkst, whereas that is not part of the dhcp request.

There should be no conflict since each is making a very different request.

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