Blu Ray Drive not being detected.

May 26, 2011 at 04:44:54
Specs: Windows XP Pro, Quad Core/3Gb
Hi There Folks.

I have an issue with my Blu-Ray DVD drive.

I have a Blu DVD player inside my pc.

Separate to that, I have a CD/DVD Rewriter ( E: ).

If I insert a Blu Ray disk into my Blu Ray player, the disk will spin, but my Blu Ray software (Cyberlink PoverDVD 8) won’t start up.

With the disk inserted, if I browse the drives using ‘My Computer’, the only drive which shows up is my CD/DVD Rewriter ( E: ), as well as my hard disks.

There is no trace of my Blu-Ray drive.

Similarly, in device manager, under ‘DVD/CD-Rom Drivers’, only my CD/DVD Rewriter is found. There is no trace of my Blu-Ray drive.

At first I thought it could be a driver issue, but then I realised that there was no yellow question mark for any type of unknown device, under Device Manager.

However, by then using Driver Robot – a 3rd party piece of software which detects drivers for all devices inside a pc, it said that the driver for the device ‘ATAPI iHOS104’ - the Blu Ray player - was up to date, and installed.

I would be grateful if anybody could shed some light on why my Blu Ray device isn’t being found by Windows Xp/Device Manager.

Hope you can help



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May 26, 2011 at 05:12:35
Does the Blue ray drive show in Device Manager without any markings?

Is the interface for that drive SATA?

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May 26, 2011 at 06:58:07

Thanks for replying.

The Blu Ray drive doesn't show up at all in Device Manager

I have no idea what the interface for that drive is - and i don't know how to find out.


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May 26, 2011 at 07:05:07
Is this an external player or internal? If external is it connected by USB?

Download SIW free version to see what type of drive it is. Get SIW at the link below.

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May 26, 2011 at 07:17:38

My Blu Ray drive is internal - it's built in to the pc tower.

I've just installed the utility you advided.

It detects my hard disk, and my CD/DVD drive.

It doesn't detect my Blu Ray Drive (it's SATA)

Results for frives listed below:

Property Value
Disk 0
Manufacturer Seagate
Model ST31500341AS
Size 1500.3 GB
Firmware Version CC1H
Serial Number 9VS4LTJX
Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
Interface Serial ATA
Standard ATA8-ACS | ATA8-ACS version 4
Transfer Mode (Current / Max) SATA-300 / SATA-300
Features S.M.A.R.T., 48bit LBA, NCQ, AAM
Temperature 38 C (100 F)
Drive Letter(s) C: D:
Queue Depth 32
Removable No
Cache Enabled (Read / Write) Yes / Yes
SMART Support Yes
Attribute Name Attribute Value Worst Value Threshold Value Raw Data
Raw Read Error Rate (01) 111 100 006 0000027A72BF
Spin Up Time (03) 100 098 000 000000000000
Start/Stop Count (04) 100 100 020 00000000001A
Reallocated Sector Count (05) 100 100 036 000000000000
Seek Error Rate (07) 064 060 030 0000002A8E21
Power On Hours Count (09) 100 100 000 000000000061
Spin Retry Count (0A) 100 100 097 000000000001
Power Cycle Count (0C) 100 100 020 000000000021
[unknown] (B8) 100 100 099 000000000000
[unknown] (BB) 100 100 000 000000000000
[unknown] (BC) 100 100 000 000000000000
[unknown] (BD) 100 100 000 000000000000
Airflow Temperature (BE) 062 058 045 000028140026
HDA Temperature (C2) 038 042 000 001200000026
ECC On The Fly Count (C3) 043 037 000 0000027A72BF
Current pending sector count (C5) 100 100 000 000000000000
Off-line uncorrectable sector count (C6) 100 100 000 000000000000
Ultra ATA CRC Error Rate (C7) 200 200 000 000000000000
Head flying hours (F0) 100 253 000 5BF600000061
[unknown] (F1) 100 253 000 000019BEBC21
[unknown] (F2) 100 253 000 0000E943476C

DVD Writer 0
Manufacturer Toshiba
Model TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223C
Firmware Version SB01
Serial Number l " C U
Interface Serial ATA
Standard ATA8-ACS | ATA/ATAPI-4 T13 1153D version 17
Transfer Mode (Current / Max) SATA-150 / SATA-150
Drive Letter(s) E:
Controller Buffer Size on Drive 2048 KB
Removable Yes
CD Writer CD-R, CD-RW
SMART Support No

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May 26, 2011 at 08:57:08
Try booting into the BIOS (setup) screens and verify that ALL the SATA ports are enabled. If that doesn't help, then you will need to open your case and look to see if the cables are properly connected to the blue ray drive.

I don't understand why your third party utility found anything for the blue ray player if it isn't currently showing up in Device Manager. Maybe it was connected and a cable came loose.

Another issue with SATA drives is you must take care not to fold the data cable too tightly or the signal will be impeded. Nice smooth bends in the cable are desirable.

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