Blk screen w/ a cursor installingXP

March 8, 2009 at 00:01:30
Specs: Windows XP sp2
This is a computer I've built for my wife. I have a working PC w/ XP sp2 to help with the troubleshooting.

My problem is that I can NOT install Windows XP, I have black screen with a blinking cursor when XP setup restarts the computer to complete its installation.

This is a new hard drive maxtor 160gb, asrock nvidia3 chipset mobo w/ amd64 sempron 3000+, nvidia fx5500 256mb, antec 430w p/s

After Windows XP setup formats the harddrive and copies files to c:\ it restarts and immediately the black screen w/ a cursor shows up. If I choose to boot from the setup CD it displays “Setup is inspecting your computer hardware”, then about 3 tenths of a second later the same black screen shows up.

I have made a set of XP boot floppies to be able to access the recovery console (even installing from the XP boot floppies presents same problem). I was able to atleast do a fixmbr and fixboot as a chkdsk /p showed errors in the volume assembly. These were fixed (chkdsk verified) but I still encounter the same problem installing win xp.

I thought at this time that I need to install the cdrom drivers from the recovery console. I'm still unable to do so because I'm just not good with DOS anymore. I haven't encountered a problem like this is in quite some time.

I tend to think that the problem would be fixed if i could install the cdrom drivers from within the DOS console. But I'm unable to execute the install.exe - I'm using a lite-on SOHC 5232k.

I have driven myself absolutely bonkers trying to get this comp up and running for my wife. Please help, for I am in over my head.

ps. I've tried this with windows XP x64 install discs, windows XP home and even windows XP media center edition. I have a real authentic product key as well. (though it belongs to my broken dell laptop, so i can't call MS =(

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

pps. The MBR and volume errors probably came from my bonehead move of loading the new harddrive into my computer as a slave and formating and partitioning the drive as a storage drive from within my PC.

Also, I have tried to install XP from my PC onto that harddrive as a slave drive. I would get the same problem which is after win xp (the blue install screen) formats the drive and then copies the files to the respective drive etc etc and then wants to restart to complete the install but always shows the same black screen with a cursor.

*I have yet to do the abovementioned after I bought a floppy drive, made a set of XP boot floppies and got into recovery console to repair the MBR and boot.ini on the new drive.

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March 8, 2009 at 21:54:36

I would recommend downloading memtest and seeing if the memory is working/compatible with the MB and chip you can get it here

Very easy to do, burn it to a cd and then boot. If you get red errors then you have a problem, can take upto an hour to show 99% of all problems (that's a personal experience and maybe factually incorrect).

If you get errors, try removing one of the memory modules or try placing in another memory slot.

I'd also try using a different XP CD and or using a different CD drive. You could also try testing the hdd. For maxtor there are some diagnostic utils below.

Anyway sounds like something is playing silly buggers, these should help track it down.

Good luck,


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March 9, 2009 at 05:14:34
I will try that ram test. I have a single GB stick of kingston ddr400 and to my knowledge the memory will work with the board but it could be bad.

I am trying to install this using a Dell win xp sp2 cd and this isn't a dell machine.

I've burned a good image of win xp sp1 to cd and tried but no go, the same for win xp 64 bit version and win xp media center edition but all the same results.

I really hope it's not any hardware issues.

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March 9, 2009 at 05:14:59
Thanks for the help

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March 10, 2009 at 09:25:41
No probs glad i could help


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March 10, 2009 at 09:33:53
"I am trying to install this using a Dell win xp sp2 cd and this isn't a dell machine. "

That is illegal and should not work since Dell is looking for a dell stamped bios/hardware.

This explains alot. Get yourself a nonOEM xp cd.

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March 11, 2009 at 18:55:44
Ok, that was my worst fear. That notion plagued my mind the whole time I struggled with this comp. Ive got an dell d600 thats broke (beyond repair) and i dont have any other Win xp CD's that aren't downloaded from the internet. If i go buy a fully legit version of windows would i be in business? barring ram and HDD checks out ok.

I've tried this using an non-oem XP sp1 image off the net, but i imagine it didn't work because someone uploaded that from their dell install disc as well.

Thanks for the confirmation. I know it's illegal and figured I would have to eat the fee to buy windows this time around for her comp.

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