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BIOS / booting windows / Pcisat2ide1
August 12, 2010 at 01:56:39
Specs: Windows XP Home
Managed to format new HD by booting into old drive which still has XP instaled and loading drivers for new SATA Drive Controller Card which then picked up the partitions that I had created on the new drive. I was then able to format the partitions in new drive from XP in old drive. So far so good!

I then closed system down unplugged old HD and tried to install XP on new drive. This time I got a bit further forward. As the partitions were now formatted windows installer allowed me to copy files ok to windows installation folders on the new HD. So far so good!

Upon completion I get the message that portion of setup completed succesfully and now the sysem has to re-boot.

System reboots and just goes back into the start of windows instalation all over again??

Not sure what is meant to happen here- but it looks as if after all this my BIOS is not picking up the new SATA drive?
I went into BIOS and sure enough the new drive is not listed?

What to do now?????? Please help!!!!

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August 12, 2010 at 08:56:09
I have not (yet) played with SATA drives, so this is pure speculation on my part...

Have you provided/installed the drivers afresh for the SATA apsect? This during setup (which you rerun) after installing that SATA drive on its own?

I am guessing that when drive was effectively slaved to an exisiting drive/installation etc... the SATA drivers were installed and remain on that drive; not present on the SATA drive itself?

If others chip in (with more experience etc.) and observe I'm in effect spouting hogwash... then again remember I haven't played with those beasties yet...

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