Solved Bad HDD prompted Windows Logo Testing on ALL drivers + WDM

January 7, 2014 at 15:01:45
Specs: Windows XP x32, E6400 / 1gb DDR2
Hello all,

I've recently been tearing my hair out with one of my older builds. The install is a dual boot with two copies of XP SP3 on two individual partitions on a single drive.

One of the XP installs has been acting up as of recent, and - for an unrelated reason - tried swapping video cards one day, from a Radeon 4670 to a Radeon 2400. I was rather surprised that the 2400 was accepted on the second XP installation with the latest ATI driver, but the first XP installation would not accept any ATI driver without giving "Windows logo testing" errors.

I went back to the Radeon 4670 and left it alone until yesterday, when the MSI board from that unit died due to a few bad caps. I replaced the board with an Asus P5B, put the unit back together, and booted up to the second XP installation with no issues. It took a bit for XP to recognize all the drivers (and I had to install the differing chipset drivers as well), but nothing unusual happened, and the end result is that it works perfectly.

On the other hand, EVERY single driver on the troublesome installation of XP - including the floppy disk controller and other drivers that would otherwise be installed immediately - would bring up the Found New Device manager. I'd play along and let it install from the existing drivers, but EVERY driver would pop up with the wizard first, and prompt with the Windows Logo Certification message second - and I mean everything, including the Microsoft-signed drivers that XP was pulling from the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ folder.

I knew something was up, but it worked - until I had to re-install the drivers for the Raedon 4670. Whether through the ATI executable or through the Device Updater, NOTHING works. It's stuck on an exclamation mark and a Code 10. It wouldn't even display anything but the Microsoft WDM VGA compliant driver for a while; then - inexplicably - after a few attempts, it reflects the "ATI Radeon HD 4670," but it still remains code 10.

I figured there may be a system file error, so I tried reinstalling the troublesome XP partition in an effort to save time. Same thing after reinstalling - not a single change.

Meanwhile, if I boot into the other copy of XP, everything will be working perfectly.

I'd wipe the whole kit and kaboodle and start anew, but I'm too intrigued at this point into locating the problem. Google hasn't been of much help, as most Windows driver certification error threads that I get through searching are related to specific driver errors.

Any help would be appreciated.


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January 7, 2014 at 19:59:02
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I tried the Cryptographic Services workaround. Didn't change anything.

However, I checked the Event Manager under System and found multiple "The device, \Device\Harddisk0\D, has a bad block" errors.

Ran chkdsk c: /r and found many bad blocks - enough to suggest that this drive is on its way to failure. More importantly, one of the files stored on the bad sector (as cited by chkdsk) was an ATI .dll file.

One of the Windows WHQL files must have been affected as well.


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