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January 22, 2010 at 04:56:23
Specs: Windows XP
1. What is BackWeb Client and Folder. Message window says if I open I could damage OS. Help please. Do I need these?
2. Also, the Citrix Folder is empty. Do I need this or not.

3. I have Microsoft Security Essentials. Does it make the computer run slow, freeze, and start up again after refreshing for a minute or two minutes? When I run a scan it always assures me that everything is okay. However, once I got a window that said I had trojans and worms but I did not click on it to get rid of anything because I was not sure of the author. So I ran Microsoft's Security Essentials and I was told nothing was found.

4. My internet provider's web server is located in Dallas, TX. I live about 50 minutes to an hour from Dallas. My friend lives in Carrollton, TX right next door. The speed test we take at gives her 8.0 something in speed and myself 4.7 something. Could this be the reason or a combination of things mentioned that is making my computer run slow? Is there a fix? Again, please help. Thank you.

Barbara Raglon

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January 22, 2010 at 13:52:34
#1 may relate to #3. MS SE may have noted that it is spyware/malware I doubt you need them but see if you can do a uninstall of it from add and remove.

#2 If empty don't worry about it. Citrix is for professional companies. If you are at home then might use attrib from command line in that directory to see if really empty.

#3 is more useful that you can imagine. You would be wise to keep it or use a good competing software.

There are tons of reasons for running slow. Too little of ram, parts going out, too many applications in memory and many other reasons can cause it. Things like installing and uninstalling a lot of software might cause it. Not all uninstallers work correctly.

I doubt the ISP speed has much to do with anything other than downloading large files or maybe using video.. I HOPE this isn't what you mean by running slow. If so disregard the forth paragraph.

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