Backup file is too large?

June 19, 2011 at 09:45:53
Specs: Windows XP
My HDD (Drive C:) with capacity 37.26 GB, shows "Free Space" = 7.68 GB leaves 20% available. The Backup (Drive D:) capacity 31.25 GB, shows "Free Space" = 30.68 GB, leaves 98% available. Appears to me the Backup file is a HOG, and should be greatly reduced in size, therefore, leaving more space for Drive C:

Now I realize that the Backup (D:) is sharing space on the same HDD (C:), but would appreciate "IF" someone can confirm this is necessary or not (Explain)?? If not, how do I reduce the size of the Backup file and will the excess be picked-up automatically on the HDD (C:)?? My computer is running Windows Home Edition, no business necessities are required, as I have read in other posts. But nowhere have I found an explanation of the correct balance percentage (%) wise for the Backup file.

My system is running too slow and continue getting message "Virtual Memory is too low", and anticipate this might be the problem? Yes, I keep my REGISTRY clean and up to date; system still runs slow!!! Windows "Task Manager" shows 44 items active when operating bare bones; and, this seems to me that TOO MANY tasks are running??

Thanks in advance for ANY and ALL imput... it's greatly appreciated. . .

Curt Butler


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June 19, 2011 at 10:03:00
First are you using NTbackup? If so you can use higher compression.

Second is free space. Be sure to run disk cleanup on both drives.

I don't know what you mean share space. Never heard of it. One can mount a partition as a folder so in that respect it could seem to share c drive space. If it has a letter then no.

virtual memory is combo of ram plus some hard drive. You can set that if you want or have enough space. See help and support pages.

Things running come from junk being loaded on top of more junk. People either have to or by addon apps get a ton of junk running. One place to stop it is msconfig or msconfig32. See also sysinternals site for great tools.

I know that at some point I have to reload the entire OS just to get it back to OEM fast state. There is no app or way that I have found that works to fix it.

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