Audio on videos is jumpy plus more

Hewlett-packard Hp pavilion dv6267cl lap...
September 17, 2012 at 07:22:51
Specs: Windows XP Professional SP3, Intel Core 2 CPU T5200@1.60GHz total: 2048 MB RAM

I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 Series Notebook PC (Model #: dv6267cl
Product#: RP295UA) that originally came with Vista. I scrapped Vista and now have Windows XP Professional on it and have had this setup for a while. Somewhere along the line, I screwed up the audio (and possibly video) codecs, I "think".

Symptoms: will be watching a YouTube video (or video loaded on PC from my camera) and the audio will jump forward awkwardly (like it is skipping some of the audio). Sometimes the video will freeze up, too. The audio 'skipping' happens no matter if I pre-buffer the entire video or not.

I have all of the original hardware on the PC except a new hard drive (former one crashed). I have never upgraded the BIOS for fear of screwing up the PC (since I changed the O/S).

Perhaps related, I just realized that my PC's connection speed is only 54.0 Mbps, so I can't utilize my ISP's 300 Mbps speeds (my son's old Dell PC does get the 300 Mbps, but he has a newer Cisco USB wireless adaptor). I'd love to bump mine up if it won't upset the applecart too much. According to a diagnostic print-out, I have an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection - Packet Scheduler Miniport. (p.s. I almost always sit right near the router, so I'm not sure why I don't just run a wire directly into the notebook ---- maybe that would make the connection speed go up to 300?).

Note: I always use Internet Explorer 8.

Other symptoms related or not?: if I have FaceBook and Windows Live-Outlook (the "new" upgrade from hotmail), I will have a lock-up/freeze of the machine until I somehow get rid of one of them. It used to not be quite that bad before I "upgraded" hotmail to, so who knows if I am just asking for too much memory or if they have conflicting needs.

I tend to run with the Notebook plugged in because the battery (both the original and the replacement) crap out too quickly and also somehow make the screen go 'black' intermittently (only when running off the battery). Putting the machine to sleep and awakening it gets rid of the 'black' screen --- HATE that problem!

Sorry for the long story --- I don't know hardware well enough to know if all of these are possibly related and thought I'd list them out. I have listed this problem under the category 'Drivers' and subcategory of 'Audio' because the audio/video "used to" not be a problem, so I'm thinking that must be easily fixable.

Thanks so much!!!

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December 1, 2012 at 07:18:59
You're using a wireless n router with a max connection speed of 54 Mbps. That is correct.

Your son's Dell is not getting more than 54 Mbps of throughput no matter what anything says. The router is only capable of 54 Mbps because the standard is only capable of 54.

Here are the codecs you need that should correct your audio/video issues:

What size hard drive did you install? How full is it? What size is the swap file on it?

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