Aquiring Files Crashed Harddrive

Intel / Dell optiplex gx400
March 19, 2009 at 09:15:28
Specs: Windows Me, 256
This is my backup computer i'm working from now. But my Dell Optiplex Gx400 has an windows 2000 pro software. Harddrive has crashed i tried using windows workstation nt in hopes to get it back up but got stuck on Drive Partion as it too large to partion. And i cannot format it, as there are files in there that i need.

Question: I'm purchasing a buslink 3 in 1 external HD & Windows XP Home. Would i be able to get rid of the windows nt prompt for formatting hardrive and start afresh installing XP on my buslink external as the startup drive to aquire my files from the internal drive??

P.S(I am able to choose boot options from Bios as will as able to run commands from bootdisk)

Thanks Alot

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March 19, 2009 at 11:04:52
What kind of crash? What did you do with Windows NT? Did you run through the installation process? Why would you want to partition a drive that has data on it?


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March 19, 2009 at 12:08:29
I suggest that you disconnect the drive and attach it to another system using a USB 'adapter cable' or 'external box'.

But another option would be to download a bootable Knoppix CD and try and recover your files using it.

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March 19, 2009 at 16:32:53
The Windows 2000 Pro. is a pre-installed OS this is what crashed to a blue screen and no applications were loading. And i only had the Windows Workstation NT 4. So i though i'd use that to try and straighten out the glitch. But before i did that i ran spybot and remove a malware that was downloaded when the Windows 2000 Pro. updates were being installed. I was able to remove them but seemingly not all of them. As i was still getting the blue screen that was when i decided to run the Windows Workstation NT 4.

I was able to run the inital installation when you first put the disk in it did the backup of the files. Then when it restarted it got to identifing the hardware and such until i got to the point where it needed to install on the drive. But since the drive is a 70GB Non Partioned HD it couldn't install.

And that's as far as i got with the Windows NT installation.....

But i just ordered the Windows XP and a Buslink 3 in 1 external harddrive. So i need to know how to recover the files using these.

P.S(I was able to enter the folders via the Run Task using the "Explore" sub cursor on my mouse) from the Windows 2000 Pro. blue screen.

But i need to remove the inital windows nt setup or can windows xp overwrite what i did so far with the windows nt???


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