Another USB Crashes the Computer Question

Asus Us p5g41-m le/c/si motherboard
August 5, 2010 at 23:34:06
Specs: Windows XP
Okay people, I know that you are getting bored of the same old questions, but this one will have a bit of a twist.

Okay so I plug in ether a Sanyo digital camera or my PSP to the pc USB port, blah blah, right okay, so it crashes. now I have been on every forum and looked at every question regarding the USB Crashes. So Before I get the " did you do this, or did you do that." i am going to make a list of the " I did's" and then you will help me make a hardware determination. Okay here goes.

"The I Did's":
I did, reinstall Windows XPx2, Check the USB connections for broke spokes, plug in devices into another computer ( and a computer I built my mother that is exactly like mine, and yes the device's instantly started their installation on her PC and worked fine.) this means it is not the cables, Installed the lastest Drivers from and upgraded the BIO's still did not work, I unplugged all other USB Connections IE, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard etc and plugged them in the different slots and it still crashes the Computer, and last but not least I have fiddled with the USB options in Bio's and it still crashes.

Okay here's the twist, on the side of the Pc the USB ports were I would normally plug in the camera and PSP, I can plug in the Mouse and a Xbox 360 controller and these will work just fine. Just not the camera and psp. So my demented thinking is leading me toward a hardware issue, but which one? Mother Board or Power supply, in which I say I do not smell anything that was burning nor did I see anything Burnt, but I can not figure out which one it is? a fried motherboard or a burn power supply? any Idea's on how I would solve this one?

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August 6, 2010 at 00:31:06
davyou5, SWAG, me and my paranoia jump almost immediately to infection by some sort of nasty (virus, worm/trojan, etc.). Since things seem normal on an almost identical machine, that says it's your machine rather than a hardware issue.
Be aware that a virus and a Trojan are similar, but not the same. Many times, an AV detects one it can't clean, other times, it gets missed entirely.
If you need to clean one, Superantispyware (info only. I’m not paid for recommendation) can do the job and you can get it free @:
among other places. They have a Vista compatible version if needed. Dunno about Windows 7 or later.
If it turns out that you need to use it, be sure to update Superantispyware prior to running and disable 'restore' (restart after cleaning) so the nasty doesn't get put back. They just released a new update recently and it changes all the time. Things are in a constant state of flux.
The restore thing is critical. May not be your deal at all, but won't hurt anything to try.
One exception comes to mind and it might be worthwhile to rule it in/out with voltage checks and that's power supply. Now and then, they get 'tired' without dying completely and can't handle the load.
Ed in Texas.

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August 6, 2010 at 18:18:57

I downloaded and installed the Superantispyware, and ran it after the updates and disabling system restore, still it crashes so it is not a Virus issue. I went ahead and ordered a 650 Watt Cooler master Power supply from, I am not going back to Best Buy for computer parts, I'll probably receive it on monday, I will see if this fixes the problem then. But for the other readers, I Built my own PC and my mothers, using Asus motherboard LGA775 socket, we both have the same exact parts, so the motherboard, the Tower ( but in different colors) the Disc and Harddrives are different, I have a 1 TB, and my mother has 500 GB harddrive, we both have the same memory stickes DDR2, and the same graphics cards, she really loves gaming on the PC. So I had to assume it is a Power Supply issue, I will keep you all posted. Thanks for you advice ED IN TEXAS.

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