after recovery restsrts with blank

Hewlett-packard / M8020n
February 18, 2009 at 12:19:49
Specs: windows Vista
I haven an HP desktop m8020n that was loaded with Vista. at one point it was hard reverted back to winxp with a format and manually entering drivers. no i am trying to run the system recovery (destructive) but pressing F11 and it does not work. So i bought the recovery CD from HP and run the recovery (destructive) and the recovery completes in approx. 30 mins (which i thought was a little fast) but once its dont is pushes out the send CD and asked to restart. I press finish and the system restarts to a blank screen with a blinking cursor on the top left corner. I never see the windows logo. I can access the raid config and the bios, but this system is not set it raid. Any help would be appriciated!!

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February 18, 2009 at 21:01:15
Your information is confusing.

When you first got the computer the original hard drive probably had the typical partitions brand name computers have on them - C, and the much smaller Recovery partition, which you may have seen as D, or you may have not have seen at all, depending on what HP wanted you to see in Windows.

When you reverted to XP, did you do anything to the contents of the original Recovery partition, or delete that partition??

"So i bought the recovery CD from HP"

A CD or a DVD (which is also a CD)?
Or - a CD set or a DVD set?
XP or Vista?

Why did you feel you needed to use the Recovery CD? (or DVD?, or CD set?, or DVD?, or DVD set?) on such a recent system.
What problems were you having?

Did you boot the computer using the Recovery CD(or DVD?, or CD set?, or DVD?, or DVD set?) - you MUST - you cannot use it from Windows.

" the recovery (destructive)..."

Did you erase the data on the whole drive (both partitions, if it still had them) or just the data on the C partition??

"...the recovery completes in approx. 30 mins (which i thought was a little fast)..."

I ran a full recovery procedure from a set of 6? Recovery CDs for a HP system and it took about 5 hours! Mind you, that system is about 5 years old now.

I have not used Vista yet, but that sounds to me like something went wrong.
E.g. it takes about at least 30 minutes to install just XP alone, even on a really fast system.

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