address line paradox

June 6, 2009 at 06:32:41
Specs: WinXP, 1.2GHz, 512Mb
When my friend types "http://www/" into the address line of Firefox, he gets an error message : "Service Connection Error - There may be a technical issue with your service which is preventing you from establishing a connection. Your login details may be incorrect, or your service provider may currently be experiencing issues. Please confirm your login details are correct. Once these details have been confirmed, it is advised to turn off your modem/router, and wait 5 minutes before turning on your modem/router and attempting to connect. If problems persist, please contact your Service Provider."

If he copies this same URL into the Google bar on the right of that navigation bar he gets connected to Yahoo. What to tweak ?


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June 6, 2009 at 09:20:54
You can get a standard default message like that if there is a problem with whatever you connect to the internet with, but if he or whoever is able to connect fine to other web sites, that's also a standard message you get if the site you are trying to access is having a problem, OR if you typed a address WRONG and are not auto re-directed to the right address!


He or anyone doesn't need to type the first part if it's a http address - that's filled in automatically.
There should be a dot after www - not a /.

I would have thought typing:
should work fine, but it DOES NOT, in Firefox according to your info, and in IE 6 for me, because there is no such site, and you are not auto-redirected to the correct site! Sometimes when you make an assumption about what an address for something is and type it , it's a common mistake and you are re-directed to the proper address, but that doesn't apply when you use IE 6 or the Firefox version he is using.
When you use Google, you ARE auto redirected to the correct site. is the correct address!

The correct address will work with any browser.

You could have easily found that by searching for: yahoo australia.

I prefer using Yahoo myself.

When I type in IE 6, I am auto re-directed to, the right address.

I don't recall that site, or, ever not being accessible when my internet connection is working properly.

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June 6, 2009 at 12:41:11
First of all, that's not a valid URL. "http://www/" will indeed generate an error.


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June 7, 2009 at 00:21:30
With hindsight - your solution is so obvious ! Thank you.


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June 8, 2009 at 00:18:47
Actually, the solution has changed the nature of the question - it has now become : why would Firefox in MY WinMe system 'correct' the URL and open the yahoo site, whereas it returns an error message on my friend's laptop. OR if not 'why', then how to get the laptop Firefox to also behave inteligently ?


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June 8, 2009 at 11:10:21
You haven't said whether you or he made a typo when you typed this:


That won't work properly because of the incorrect / after www.
Depending on where you type it in what browser or what search engine box in the browser , you'll either get an error message like he got, or a list of suggested sites that may or may not have the actual site listed.

The correct will work with any browser or search engine.

Whether typing an incorrect address auto redirects you to the correct address, if it's a commonly mis-typed address, or you typed a legitimate older address for a site that is no longer used, depends on whether the particular browser or browser version or search engine or version of it has the info that tells it to re-direct to the correct address.

Typing will auto re-direct you to the correct address when you use some browers/browser versions/search engines, and won't with others. If it won't, sometimes you get a message like he got, sometimes you get a page that suggests "did you mean..." or similar and you can chose a suggested site, or the browser or search engine makes a guess and lists sites that may or may not be the one you were trying to access. .

In the case of my typing and being auto re-directed to com, the correct address was for many years, then they changed it to, and someone went to the trouble to make the auto re-direction to the correct address work in many browsers. It may have been the same situation for in the past, but someone enabled the auto re-direction for fewer browsers.

Which computer you type the address in makes no difference if everything else is the same - the result is the same. You and he both using Firefox doesn't necessarily mean you both have the same situation.

There are lots of variables.

Each browser has a default search engine version, and each version of a browser has a default search engine version.
E.g. is he using the same Firefox version as you are?

That browser's default search engine can be changed by you,
- by you deliberately manually changing settings in the browser settings yourself,
- or - automatically when you install an additional search engine, or by you installing software that includes installing an additional search engine by default and you didn't de-select that, which often by default may change the default browser search engine so that it uses the added search engine for the browser, unless you select otherwise.

I am working on a new Vista installation on a friend's computer that's been upgraded to include SP1 updates. I have installed IE 8 on it. The default search engine in IE 8 is Live search? Installing AVG 8 installs a Yahoo Search engine version in IE 8 by default, and installing something else installed a Google search version by default - I chose to NOT make the default search engine change to Yahoo or Google as suggested when asked after starting up IE 8 the first time after each of the Yahoo and Google search engines had been installed - if I had not done that, the default IE 8 search engine would be whatever I installed of those last, not the default one for IE 8.
In IE 8, you can find the search engine being used by default for IE in Tools - Internet Options - Programs. There's probably somewhere similar in Firefox.

In IE 8 on that Vista installation, there is the IE address bar at the top, a MSN/ Sympatico search box on the default home page, and a Google search box. I usually use Yahoo Canada - - for searches using words. I often get different results depending on which place I type an address or search words in.

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