35 minutes just to boot

August 9, 2009 at 21:03:31
Specs: Windows XP
Background: I just had my MB replaced, the DC jack replaced, and got a new (not Dell & looks pretty cheap) charger. After I got it back, everything was great for 24 hours. I absentmindedly allowed the automatic updates to install themselves and now, it takes forever for my system to boot, in safe mode and normal mode. When I finally can log on, it takes another 3-5 minutes to load settings, etc. Then, I have no taskbar, cannot access any programs, and have 2-5 task managers open & can only see the networking tab. If I click on any other tabs, it says not responding. I tried to remove the updates through the control panel & nothing happens. I am pulling my hair out!

The reason I took the laptop in for repairs (it that helps): my hubby left the charger in the dc jack & laid the laptop down where the weight of it was resting on the charger in the jack. The next morning, I went to use it & noticed what he had done. I didn't notice that I was running on battery & when it died, I couldn't get it to charge.

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August 10, 2009 at 01:18:58
What make/model; and what XP disk(s) do you have - recovery cd/dvd or full version?

When you got system back after Motherboard (MoBo) change(?)... are you sure that "they "(whoever dunt the job) properly repaired XP? As I understand it once you change the MoBo it is necessary to at least run a repair routine and possiby re-apply chipset drivers etc... (unless XP version installed is current for the MoBo and has those drivers included/built-in).

Or did "they" do a standard restore routine using recovery disks?

And finally - anything (data etc.) on the drive(s) that you would wish to preserve?

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