July 11, 2009 at 11:31:33
Specs: Windows XP
when puttin the admin name n password in it doesnt work fer the ip addy. wat do i do to access it

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July 12, 2009 at 07:34:01
mmm... your post header shows you're talking about but your post text says - which is it?

If the former (as in your post header) that ip reads like a Qwest modem Admin page address?

When I went to that address recently (via a Qwest modem) it did not require an admin password etc...; but then I was using a current/valid Qwest dsl service to get there...?

I used in the IE url and got to here:


Interesting info there? If you go via the hyper-link - forgot my default username etc... you get to:


which has a list of modem manufacturers and offers a way to get/use the default password? Read the warning there first...!

Using in the IE url you get to a similar page etc:


So what are you actually tryng to do and with what kit?

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July 12, 2009 at 13:00:08
What is it you're trying to do?

If it's a router's or combo router / high speed modem's configuration you're trying to access........

- the URL (192.168.xxx.xxx) is not accessing the internet - it's accessing the router's or router / high speed modem's configuration inside the device. The telephone or coax cable connection doesn't need to be connected in order to access the device's configuration.

- the default URL (192.168.xxx.xxx), User Name, and Password are in the manual for the device, which may be a printed one, or a *.pdf document on the CD that came with it, or both. The one on the CD is usually the full manual - the printed one may not be (e.g. Quick Start instructions, or similar).
(If you're in Canada, if your ISP is Telus, the password may be telus rather than the default in the manual, if Telus supplied the device to you.)
If you didn't get a manual at all, you can usually get one online - search using the make and model.
- if someone used a non-default URL, User Name, or Password, if you don't know what they were, you can usually easily reset the device to defaults by means of pressing a switch for x seconds - e.g. accessed by using a paper clip or something slim in a hole in the case on the back or the bottom - that info is usually in the manual too.

- if you have a network cable between a port on the device and a network port on your computer, make sure the jacks on both ends of the cord are fully seated into the port, otherwise you make not be able to access the device's configuration, even when the internet connection via the device works otherwise.

- if you are trying to connect to a router, or combo router / high speed modem, wirelessly via a wireless adapter on your computer....

- the wireless adapter on the computer must already be working and enabled

- the wireless feature may be turned off by default in it's configuration when you get the router, or combo router / high speed modem, so, of course, in that case you can't connect to it wirelessly.
- if the router, or combo router / high speed modem has security enabled (an encryption key or password) and your wireless adapter doesn't, or visa versa, you cannot connect to the device's configuration wirelessly.

In both cases, you MUST connect to the router, or combo router / high speed modem, by using a network cable between your computer and the device in order to be able to access it's configuration. Most if not all wireless routers, or combo router / high speed modems, come with a network cable.
The wired network adapter on your computer must be working and enabled. If it's built into the mboard, it must be enabled in the mboard's bios Setup settings.

Certain settings on both ends of the wireless connection between the router, or combo router / high speed modem, and the wireless adapter on your computer MUST be the same - at minumum, if you're using Security which is recommended, the type of encryption, and the encrytion key, or Password.
If you're using a configuration program that came with the wireless adapter that's on your computer, rather than Window's built in Wireless Zero program to set up the wireless adapter, you may need to enter a SSID label the same as in the router's , or combo router / high speed modem's, configuration.
You may need to choose the SSID of the router in the wireless adapter's configuration in order to connect to the router, or combo router / high speed modem.

For both wired and wireless network connections....

If the router's, or combo router / high speed modem's, default configuration settings don't yield you a connection to the internet, you will have to change them to what your ISP requires. Consult the ISP's web site, or phone the ISP, if you didn't get printed directions regarding that.

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