Solved Why won't certain DVDs play in my laptop DVD drive?

October 5, 2015 at 12:56:53
Specs: Windows Vista
I decided I wanted to rewatch my Charmed DVDs the other day. I watched the first disk without issue, and then most of the second disk without issue, but I had to stop half way through the last episode because of real life. I reinserted the disk later, and the drive made a series of weird noises, and utterly failed to play the DVD. I tried again; same result.

I tested it with an Harry Potter Audio Book CD, and it worked fine. I tested it with my Avengers DVD, and that worked fine. I put in the third Charmed disk, and THAT worked fine. I thought the problem was solved, and happily watched my way through that disk, thinking maybe the problem had just been with disk two. Then I tried to watch disk four, and had exactly the same problem as I'd had with disk two.

I tried the Avengers DVD again, just in case it wasn't playing -any- DVDs, but it worked fine. I restarted my laptop, and tried again with Charmed disk four. Same problem.

I know it is not the disk, because the disk works just fine on my friend's computer, and I know it is not the DVD drive alone, since it's perfectly happy to play Avengers or Harry Potter. I just don't understand why my DVD drive is having such a problem with only these -specific- DVDs, when less than a week ago, it was fine playing them.

Please help.

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October 5, 2015 at 14:29:34
The fact it worked a week ago matters little because faults suddenly come along.
Most likely the drive has developed an intermittent fault and needs replacing. If so it will probably get worse. You could try cleaning the lenses with a cleaning kit - might help but folk seem to report mixed results.

It is most unlikely to be a software fault.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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October 5, 2015 at 14:52:57
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As Derek suggests... it may be an intermittent fault...; which likely will mean replacing the drive. Equally a lens cleaning disk may help....

It may be an issue with the lens itself - as in it may be failing - low output; or in effect going on/off as/when.

There is one lens I(usually) for DVD and one - different colour etc. - for CD. Does the drive play CDs OK?

If replacing the built-in drive isn't something you'd like to do yourself... (and provided you know which panel on the base of the laptop to remove) it's not difficult to replace the drive - usually. Likewise any decent repair shop "ought" to do it for very modest sum... In the meantime an external usb unit would be a good option; they are around for very few £/$ these days. I have Samsung and Liteon usb drives; they work fine.

The Liteon is my preferred unit as the model I hav has the tray release button on the front; whereas many Samsungs (currently) have it on the top towards the back...

What make and model laptop do you have; and what make/model dvd unit is installed in it? That info may allow more useful help re' replacing the dvd unit?

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October 8, 2015 at 15:07:59
I managed to get out and by a lens cleaning kit today, and it worked wonders. Thank you both for all your help ^_^

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