Why is my computer having random lag fits?

Hewlett-packard / Np218aar-aba p6142p
October 28, 2010 at 07:13:31
Specs: Windows Vista, 2.3 GHz / 7934 MB
About a month ago, I guess, I started having these lag "fits". I've only had this computer for less than a year, but it was refurbished when I bought it. I play MMORPGs (EverQuest 1 & 2), and I never had a lag problem out of this computer til these fits. I didn't really do anything new around that time. I pretty knew how I wanted my computer set up when I got it and I don't change it much. I might have installed PoserPro2010 and Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 around that time, but me and boyfriend (has a very good job working with computers in a factory, head computer guy, hardware and software) looked at both programs and did some tests and nothing seems to make the problem go away. Of course, we've ran the virus scanners and everything. He did a lot of start-up program changes and some other stuff, I'm not sure. I just let him do some things and he was like "Try that." But I still get these lag spikes.
Usually, when I get them, I'm running 2 EQ1 clients, maybe firefox, and winamp. Sometimes there's one other program, maybe UTorrent or something. When looking at the Task Manager, Processses, the ones taking up the most CPU/Memory is my EQ clients. But I've closed them both while it was lagging before and it doesn't fix it. It doesn't lag out my music, it'll play fine. And I can click from window to window like normal, mouse doesn't lag. But everything else seems to act slow-moving or slow-loading.
Any ideas? It's very annoying.

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October 28, 2010 at 09:09:38
utorrent will cause severe lag even when it doesn't seem to be using much bandwidth you should switch it off when gaming

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October 28, 2010 at 09:56:19
It doesn't cause me lag though. I've really only had it up and had a lag fit today. But I've not had it up during all the other times.

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