why does my monitor keep turing black

July 15, 2011 at 14:22:00
Specs: Windows Vista
after i use my computer for about twenty minites, the monitor turns to black. I turn off the power to the monitor for two seconds and then turn it back on. It comes back on and flashes Auto detect analog on the screen. Then the screen stays on for about thirty seconds before doing it all over again. My monitor is less than three years old and i use it less than eight hours a week.

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July 22, 2011 at 01:46:37
It's very probable you've been shutting down your computer all the way instead of putting it to sleep/hibernation. Everytime you make your system go thru a full start up it can stress systems. This can lead to early failure of components.

Have you checked your power settings? Maybe either you, someone you know with a rotten sense of humor (or was tampering with things they don't know) or a virus changed your monitor settings to shut down almost as soon as you start. Not likely, but possible.

Also, have you let the computer run where there isn't a lot of air circulating? Blocked vents or junk piled up/around the computer, or laying a laptop on a soft surface are a guarantee of killing your system. Why? Heat is a HUGE enemy of computers. Do you ever check to see what temp your CPU is at? Check your user manual or the computer website to find out how to keep an eye on the temp of your system. There are some pretty nice shareware programs that'll put a small 'thermometer' in your taskbar tray so you can keep an eye on it.

Another problem is dirt: most people never open up their CPU case to blow out the dust, pet dander, dead insects etc from their circuit boards, fans etc. I once opened up a case and it had an inch of dust over everything and the guy wondered why his computers kept dying on him! Cleaning keyboards is another task most people ignore. Eating & drinking by computers is a huge No-NO! But even a tiny piece of dust can interfere with operations by making a key stick or not catch.
Another thing is what kind of surge protector are you using? The average home gets hit with some sort of power surge at least 14x/day! Most of these are very small, but they all have the potential to damage delicate components.

I can't figure out why people rely on those cheap $10 power strips. They'll spend a fortune on a computer or plasma TV or other high end (and delicate) electronics, then get tight-fisted over the surge protector! They're worth their weight in gold - literally. Every computer & TV should have one (I actually have my entire house on a super-surge protector that works from the service entrance. The thing costs a bit, but it pays for itself because it stores up the 'surge' caused by appliances ramping up - like washers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners etc. Then the next time your appliance wants to grab some extra power for the icemaker or whatever, it can pull it off the surge guard. Meanwhile, it protects from outside surges.FYI: that excess electricity YOU paid for that wasn't all used by the vac or fridge goes BACK to the electric company for FREE! (And I'd bet my bottom dollar almost nobody knows about this!)

At any rate, from what you describe you have a component in your monitor that got fried or wore out. (Companies don't intend - or want - you to use the same system for more than 2 yrs tops - so they're built to fail.). You have two choices - get it fixed or buy a new one from a store or used one from a computer geek.(I got a great 17" flat screen for 25 bucks that way)

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