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what is DFSTRACINGON: False, in system variables,

March 18, 2012 at 15:26:17
Specs: Windows Vista Ultimate, 500 GB
I want to eliminate vista security system and use avast. I like it better. when (firewall and security system )are shut off the share files opens so they can control through there. I am doing highly confidential stuff and don't want it shared. So I now have avast .but am getting agravation from microsoft through other channels. How do I change my variable to have control so I can run what "I" want to run.

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March 18, 2012 at 16:39:49
You should not be messing around in the registry.

dfs is distributed file system which is a MS server function. Tracing on = false means its not turned on. This value only matters if the vista pc is joined to a domain which it appears you are not.

You are way over your head and have come to too many false conclusions.

This attitude never ends well for your pc. At the very least make a full image backup of vista before you destroy it. At least then you can get back to where you were before you started tinkering.

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March 18, 2012 at 16:57:13
Thank you for your feed back, Wanderer, but I feel like 0 input was put into the answer to my question and 100% was put into criticism. I believe the false conclusions rest on your shoulders. I back my system up daily and I am very well educated regarding firewalls and multiple anti-viral programs. My system is secure and has not had any malware, trojans, worms or viruses in over 7 years since I had xp. I have, greatfully, learned a lot since then. Unfortunately it is the truth that I received a message when attempting to turn off the file sharing ,that I had to turn on the firewall in order to turn off file sharing. Inside the shared file was the software for avast. I have a high degree of respect for microsoft, but it does say in the contract that they want you to use their programs and perhaps that is a mechanism they use to insure that. I locked the file. There are times that people, due to personal choice within the confines of their life experience, may find another software suite more desireable. I like a number of the firewall features in the 2012 version of avast, which are not in the new security suite of microsoft. I have read a number of suggestions where other people have indicated that they too have had a difficult time integrating other firewalls with the microsoft/windows security service. These people had various step by step procedures that were almost right but not quite. I usually figure it out myself but for the "first time" I chose to use a post and I have never done it before. I made a mess out of it. The question and computer information were separated from the more detailed discussion. I do know how to secure the system. I don't know how to get the bugs out of integrating the avast firewall with microsoft/windows security service. This question therefore was edited incorrectly. It was very gracious of you to try. Thank you. The question is much more specific, It has to do with integrating a firewall from avast with the security system. The question regarding DFSTRACINGON: False was from changing my user controls.I believe I could learn something about that, which could help me in this delemma. Two separate questions. I apologize for the miscommunication. You seem to want to help and for that I am very grateful. If you do know how to get the security system to accept another firewall, specifically the 2012 avast firewall, perhaps you could let me know. God Bless you. Reverend Rusch
Happy Wandering.

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March 18, 2012 at 17:35:29
You can turn off your Windows firewall and use any other one you wish.

If the third party firewall is one that Windows recongnises it will accept it fine. If it is not recognised it will simply suggest that you have no firewall but it won't force you to use the Windows one.

If your router has a firewall then use it (as well) - hardware firewalls are the strongest barrier to unwanted incoming traffic.

The only need for a third party firewall is to be able to block outgoing traffic (some folk wish to do this), otherwise the Windows firewall will suffice.

You can prevent file sharing but, as already said by someone in a reply to your other post, this is nothing to do with firewalls. It also seemed on there, that you wanted our advice to be based on misconceptions - sorry we can't really do that.

By the way, it looks like you have raised two posts on the same topic. The moderators might well remove one. You can always add more info to the original post - just reply to it, we will know who you are.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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March 18, 2012 at 17:47:57
I put my effort into your other post. There is a way of thinking that makes you successful in computing. My criticism was my attempt at pointing out the problems with your present thinking and where its going to lead you. Then I pointed out the proper way of doing things in your other post.

Best of luck

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March 18, 2012 at 20:26:07
Dearest Derek and Wanderer, I was almost done with my new post and it disappeared???? What a slap in the face. It was beautiful, kind, even professional 400 words gone gone gone??????? Let me write this fast so it doesn't disappear.

I would like to suggest that you read my recent update of number the # 2 post, I believe it might clarify my question and yes Derek you are correct I did ask 2 questions. It was my first post because generally I figure out my problem without posting to anyone.

To both of you: thank you so much for being so gracious as to take time out of your busy schedules to take time and answer my very first post ever in my entire life. Perhaps that sheds a little light on why the question was 2 different questions, why my name was in a different post than my question, and why it appeared that I didn't know what I was doing. It is because I didn't know what I was doing. I am wondering if both of you perhaps have different systemsfrom mine since neither of you has ever gotten the error message "turn on the firewall in order to turn off file sharing. The worst part is that it is the file sharing that doesn't require a password. Inside the file were the avast program files. I have vista Ultimate and the operating system came on 2 discs that had to be installed.

To answer you Derek I can run the firewall but the security system alert never quits and I can't turn off file sharing. I don't believe that microsoft was forcing me to use the new security system, which is a good system and the price is right. I do however believe that they make sure that they have a way to get into your system because how else would they know what needs to be updated? If your system is set for remote system entry and dual log in when there is only 1 person using the computer. The same section where I saw DFSTRACINGON is where it has the permission section for remote access. I was not in the registry I was in the section for user authority and there was another person with authority. It may be because the new security system from microsoft fixes a lot on the system and has to have access to schedule tests and download error logs. I don't mean to say that they are maliciously going into my computer. I didn't change the remote access settings from before which would also have to do with why Microsoft needed the filesystem sharing because the firewall gave them access prior to turning it off.After changing the remote access it helped but I still can't stop file sharing. I hope I made myself clear. As long as the remote access and auto update are there it is a vulnerability. My main question is what do you do to cause the security system to accept the avast firewall?

To answer you Wanderer, I understand that you didn't mean to come across the way you did. I am a counselor and when someone is doing something that I have experienced in my life and know what happened when I did, I have a knee jerk reaction and want to stop the person from getting into trouble but. Aperson needs time to discuss something before we can jump to conclusions that the other person will act the same way or is doing the same thing, we need more information.
I appreciate the kindness in your heart. I feel the need to share that sometimes we need to word something in a way that people don't become defensive or we have lost them before we even get started. For example I would have received that statements made much easier if the wording was something like, "you may already know this, but I needed to be careful in that area of the computer because I accidently blew it up" or "We all need to realize what happens when there is too much security programing because the programs can deem each other as malware" When ever something sounds like "you did this or you did that" and we don't settle back and think first but instead we react, the other person may end up feeling attacked. I don't believe either one of us wants to do that. It is obvious that both You and Derek have a lot to share and lots of people could be helped. It has been a pleasure dealing with both of you.

If either of you come across some one who knows how to integrate avast firewall with windows/microsoft security center please let me know, will you? Thanks for editing the title of my post it is much better this time.
Sincerely Reverend Rusch

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March 19, 2012 at 13:11:46
Well, I guess, just because your experience of a third party firewall -v- Windows is not the norm doesn't mean it is impossible. Google didn't reveal much so what I think would be your best move is to search for an Avast forum - there's sure to be one. If others have had this issue then that is the place where you will find them and get the focussed help you need.

What I am thinking is that maybe Avast have not registered their firewall with MS and that could be the root of the problem. I expect there is some way around this but unfortunately I haven't a spare Vista around or I would gladly experiment on your behalf.

I see Avast as one of the known names in security, yet I have a PCTools firewall (hardly a leading name) which Windows still recognises as such. If Avast forum are able to help you it would be very useful if you could find the time to pop back to this post and let us know the outcome.

Sorry I am not able to offer personal help but sometimes it is best to point folk to those who would be in a better position.

Good luck.

I nearly forgot. Yes, MS do of-course look at the installed state of your computer in order to provide updates. However, over the past 15 years or so I've not seen any evidence which makes me feel they might be taking any more information than is necessary to perform that task. I think it likely that anything untoward would have been unearthed by someone by now so I am inclined to trust the situation.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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