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USB Port Broken, Causing BSOD. Disconnect?

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My HP HDX laptop has one USB port that is not working (out of several). My computer repair person thinks that is what is causing a periodic BSOD shutdown, as there is a warning each time the computer comes on citing the malfunctioning USB device.. Is it safe to snip the wires to this port, and would that solve the problem (or create others)??

I just tested the 3 ports, read and write (copy file from C drive), and they all worked, so don’t know why he thought that particular one is malfunctioning. Under Device Manager/USB controllers (screen capture didn’t work, sorry) I count 8 USBHubs, and only 7 Enhanced Host Controllers, with an 8th listing “unknown device”. There are only 3 USB ports on the outside of the computer, so where are the other 5, inside? Lot’s of other ports of various kinds. I know nothing about such stuff, just where to find the list. The warning pop-up will say a USB device has malfunctioned and is not recognized by the computer. Obviously, am cancelling my appointment with him this morning. Would appreciate any help I can get here on the board.

HP HDX16 Notebook PC, stock except for a replacement hard drive (last year), 7200RPM Scorpio Black I think? 750GB

64-bit running Vista


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  1. For now I’d assume the ‘unknown device’ is the problem so it may be a driver issue. Device manager will also see card readers as USB devices so check that those work, if you have any. Check the HP support page for your model for any driver updates–USB or chipset updates in particular.

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  2. Will work on this tonight. So am I understanding that each port has a separate (though possibly the same) driver? A couple of weeks ago, I tried to do a quick check for driver updates, but seems like HP just sent me to a place where I could pay to download driver-update software. Need to spend more time I guess. Thanks, will LYK what happens. I’ll dig out a card reader just to check, also

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  3. “but seems like HP just sent me to a place where I could pay”
    That is not normal, they are all free.

    Here is the page for your model. Scroll down to > Select a download below…
    Updating programs and drivers…

    You may be better off using one of these methods.

    Use HP Support Assistant to Find Updates Automatically (Windows)…

    NOTE: You can install the latest version of HP Support Assistant from the HP Support Assistant site (in English).…

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