Solved unable to power on my Toshiba P205-S8811

April 6, 2012 at 11:07:41
Specs: Windows Vista, Intel Core 2 Duo/4G
I am unable to power on my Toshiba P205-S8811. The power adapter is supplying the correct voltage, but when connected, not even the power connected LED illuminates. This machine worked a month ago, then stopped suddenly. The adapter was checked with a meter, and the power adapter plug receptacle appears to be seated at the edge of the case. Ideas? Beyond that, how do I take it out of the case to check connections? I have removed what seems like 20 screws, and still I cannot remove the case...

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April 7, 2012 at 18:36:03
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You are going to want to open this computer up.

check the voltage at the mainboard where the DC Jack cable attaches. This can rule out some things. If you get correct voltage at the mainboard, should be 19v, then there is a problem with your mainboard.

If your don't get any voltage, check the solder connections at the DC jack. You will have to peel back the shrink wrap around the wires and check there. If they are good.

Check the continuity between the pins of the DC jack and the end of the cable. You should get very low resistance. If it's high, then check the resistance between the pins of your DC jack and the leads of the jack where the wires are soldered. If it's high you will want to replace it.

The only other thing would be bad capacitors or MOSFETs. Or it could be the NEC / Tokin cap.

Hope this helps.

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April 8, 2012 at 08:19:15
OK, this does help a lot. Now the problem is how to get the thing open. I did remove many screws, but believe that I cannot find them all - any ideas?

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April 8, 2012 at 14:37:04
Did you look at the take apart page I listed?

You need to click on the picture to get the detailed view and at the top there are links to more pages.

If taking a laptop apart is out of your skill set, by all means take it to a repair shop. You can do more damage if you are not careful.

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April 26, 2012 at 20:28:25

Many thanks, for both the patience (I didn't look hard enough to notice the link...), and all the help and advice. I do get the 19VDC at the mother board, so per your advice I need to get a new one, or a whole new computer... Again, clear, concise advice. Many thanks!

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