Toshiba Satellite PSLE0C-01208c shutoffrandom

Toshiba / Psle0c-01208c
July 16, 2009 at 14:16:20
Specs: Windows Vista Home premium SP 1, [couldn't turn the comp on to find out, too scared to try again]

I've had this laptop since january 7th, and in the past week or so it has started to shut down at random.
I had been into the repair place twice already, once because the charging pin inside the laptop had fallen off, and then because my charging chord was defective.

When I sent it in the third time, they couldn't find anything and it didn't shut off for them, so they gave it back to me, and the problem is worsening.
I'm on my desktop computer but spent lots of money on my laptop and want it to work!!

The things I was doing vary.
From browsing the internet, to playing video games such a City of Villains/Heroes.
Or chatting on messengers.
I almost always keep my laptop plugged in so that I can run it better.
It does heat up but the laptop repair guys said my fans are fine and it's not over heating.
When it shuts down there is no warning signs it jut shuts down as if I had been holding in the power button. it just goes blank and all the lights go out, and come back on within a few seconds if its plugged in.
Then, most of the time, when I turn it back on, I get the start up thing saying that windows did not shut down properly, and either I should run start up repair, or I have the screen that gives me the options to start in safe mode or start up normally. At one point when I was doing this, three time in a row I couldn't get past that screen! It would just shut itself down again. other times I've only been running it for a few minutes and it shuts down.
Sometimes, hours. The only time this happens is when I'm in my room. When it would get past the start up in safe mode screen, I took it to my parents room and it started up! when I was playing my games on it downstairs in the living room, it never shut down, and I was down there for hours. I'm not sure if this means anything.

I really don't have the money to pay for it if it's a software issue, and if it is, I'd like to fix it myself before sending it into the laptop guys again!!
I'm very frustrated with this and would appreciate any help.

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July 16, 2009 at 23:00:41
"...I almost always keep my laptop plugged in so that I can run it better" ... ya it'll run faster off the mains and step down off the battery ie....slower cpu speeds some step down 8 times.

... anyway if you mean you leave it turned on?... for ever! with that tiny little show fan with the motherboard hot enough to fry an egg on!... I would'nt.

... try this free download:

... click the "Installer Edition (exe) " that temperature gauge!



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Grrrr... no hush money!

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