Sony laptop gives Screeching, shrill noise

January 22, 2010 at 20:09:43
Specs: Windows Vista
well my laptop has been acting really weird lately, i got this sony vaio april 2008 and for some reason, my computer volume did not work at all, it did at random times like when i restarted it or at some random time when i was using it, for example i looked at one video fine on youtube, then i go to look at another, and my volume didnt work, it wasnt on mute, it was loud on the website i didnt know what happened, so then i looked up, sound, on my laptop in programs because when you click on the thing on the bar at the bottom right it only brings you 4 things not the whole screen with them all, and that brung me to this program called sonicstage mastering studio audio filter, dont know what i did, i put my volume up and tryed to restore this stuff to factory settings, didnt work. so then a couple of days ago, i hear this loud shrill screeching sound, kinda like a dog whistler but 10 times louder, comping from my computer, and i figure out it was from my microphone because i could hear myself. i got sick of this happening so i put my volume down on low, and it didnt help it at all, because it was on mute and this sound still was going on, so i was looking on here for an answer and it told me to re-install the sound thing, so i went to sony website and i reintalled it, well now, my volume is on mute, it wont let me take it off because it says no audio output divice is installed, which i mean idk how to take that off? i turned my microphone volume down so know the screeching sound isnt that bad, but im scared its going to bust my speakers. and idk what to do. its really frustrating me, so i was thinking i could restore my computer to factory settings and delete everything and everything would be like new. but idk anything i could do that with for free, so can someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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January 24, 2010 at 14:02:24
You can (I think) invoke the Recovery process on a Vaio by pressing and holding the F10 key when you turn on the laptop. The Recovery will re-install the operating system and any applications and drivers as it was when it left the factory.

However, if there is a hardware failure or fault, Recovery won't fix that.

Before running Recovery you should ensure that all your own files on C drive are backed up to some other location, and that nothing is connected to the laptop till Recovery is finished.

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