Restoring to Acer factory defaults

December 7, 2009 at 03:25:29
Specs: Windows Vista
I had a BSOD experience recently. I restored my computer to a certain point and whilst I can access my files and continue as normal, there does appear to be several minor issues including; graphics and format for buttons, tabs, menus etc. are all displayed as Windows basic i.e. not the nice Vista 3D look. general navigating is again windows basic (no 'Back' option, tabs load separately etc.). I cannot view any of my images (jpegs) as thumbnails and only if I drag them to my desktop and open them in Picture Viewer can I seen them. The pre-installed Vista graphics cannot be used i.e. I have tried to set the 'themes' on my desktop which were completely knocked out and although I can see the images I cannot use the file. The image is not corrupt as it is in use as the background to my user log-on page. Functions such as the dictionery doesn't work (although spell check does). These are a few examples - there are more!

There has also been a problem with IE8 - it was working fine and then stopped! It seems to be an issue with Java Script. I downloaded Mozillia and that worked fine.

I beleive the problem with IE8 lies with the updates and the BSOD is to do with Service Pack Two - my system was installing SP2 when it crashed - it was fine before then.

When I restored the system to the earlier point - the only option was to Service Pack Two.

I have tried various options from setting a new user account, to uninstalling EI8 (which I could do - even tried this in C>:Promt and is says file does not exist!), checked the Graphic set-up/resolution etc. etc. I do beleieve that rather than trying to find a fix of all these issues the easiest option would be to restore to the Acer defaults.

When I access the Repair screen, there are two options, (1) complete factory restore (2) a restore that does not effect files/data but doesn't remove malware etc. My computer (which is only 6 weeks old) came with everything preloaded with the exception of two progammes I installed.

So, this may be an obvious question but can some please advise/confirm that if I complete the option (1) restore above, the only consequences would be to loose only the programme files I have installed and my own files (all for which I have a back-up so I am not concerned), and everything will be fine i.e I will still have Vista it'll be the same as the first day I opened it etc. fyi, I did not receive any programme disks etc. so I assume it's all safely stored somewhere in. YOur help is appreciated!

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December 7, 2009 at 05:39:11
you say the PC isonly 6 weeks old.....CONTACT their tech support or even take it back o the place you got it.

Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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December 7, 2009 at 07:42:58
Insofar as you've taken the precautionary effort to prevent loss of data by backing up your personal/critical data. You should have nothing to worry about & you can safely wipe the machine & restore it back to factory state, pretty much, how it was when you first got it.

Although you didn't provide the model details for your specific Acer machine, you should be able to restore it by rebooting the machine & pressing Alt+F10 at the logo screen & then selecting the option to restore the system from the menu presented to you.

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December 7, 2009 at 13:11:23
Factory is the "as you bought it" state.
All personal data will be lost.

If are are double sure you have your data and programs then feel free to NUKE it.

I would then suggest that you apply Service pack 2 the first thing. If that is what is crashing it then you should know that first thing. It is also a security deal.

It is good that you learn this by the way.It may be that there is some issue with the machine or applications or malware. If it worked great new then the OEM or factory state should be fine.

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