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Recycle Bin On Slave Drive?

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In an effort to clear space on 2nd internal HD/slave I have deleted many files. When I check the disk space on that drive there is no difference. I tried to do a disk clean up on that disk & it shows a recycle bin but that appears to be the 1 on the C drive. Is there a recycle bin on the slave drive?

What do I need to do to get the space back?

Thanks in advance!


2 Answers

  1. Some viruses might have a name similar to that. Some protection software may have a protected folder similar to that. You should be able to go to safe mode and simply delete the folder if you feel it is bad or taking up too much space.

    When you run linux it also makes a similar folder.

    To be severe you can delete the partition and create a new one but all data will be lost on that drive.

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  2. Look at the properties of your recycle bin. Does it list a recycle bin on d:?

    I would suggest you run chkdsk /f on the d drive to make sure you don’t have any file system corruptions.

    after it reboots and runs do just a chkdsk and post the results here for review.

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