Recovery Acer Software aspire product 45.. series

July 28, 2016 at 08:19:39
Specs: Windows 7
Alt-f10 is not working to start e-recovery software and also my backup acer software not read into DVD drive and eject immediately.. Yes I have original HD included windows vista. due to some problem one of IT people format all C and D drive and install windows 7. error showing when pressing alt-f10 same as like Path:\windows\system32\winload.exe Partion:2 Hard Disk:8fa61239 [ /NO EXECUTE = OPTIN ]

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July 28, 2016 at 09:14:02
"Usually" the Acer recovery partition was a hidden partition; inaccessible by the usual means; at least it was some time back. Sometimes called a PQ partition if I remember correctly (at least for Acer laptops a wee while back). It was usually first item on the hard drive too.

You seem to suggest that the system was initially Vista; then you took it up to win-7... Possibly in the process of going to win-7 the (Vista) recovery partition was destroyed; or at least overwritten by a win-7 version?

This rather olde post has a very helpful response from Johnw - it's the best answer entry too.

Follow John's routine and see if you can "see" any evidence of a recovery partition?

This is another approach too:

and this may also explain "your" particular drive partitioning as was and possibly is now:

It would appear that in some more recent systems the PQ/Recovery partition is now flagged as D: ; and thus if per chance your IT chums got at that D partition on your laptop.. then they erased its contents when they reformatted it...?

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July 29, 2016 at 06:25:33
problem not solved! with this posting

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July 29, 2016 at 07:03:32
mmm - Can you confirm that you have tried the suggestions in the links above?

As I suggest above, it may be that your IT friends have reformatted the original Acer installed recovery partition (D: ) - and thus the recovery partition is no more? If so then you will need an Acer recovery disk for Vista; which may be available (as an ISO) to download and burn to a DVD. But I'm not hopeful... Possibly even to purchase from Acer - for whatever sum.

Why - now that you have win-7 installed - do want to run the Acer Vista recovery/reset to Factory state routine? Is the win-7 installation working - or not?

Also - you say " backup acer software not read into DVD drive and eject immediately....." What do you mean by this? Are you referring to an Acer provided recovery DVD; or to one you made (as per instructions/advice from Acer) when you first received the laptop?

And again - if the original Acer installed Vista software - and the assorted utilities it came with (including Acer's eRecovery utility) - was lost during the reformat of C: and D: then no way you can run the Acer recovery software routines. The Acer eRecovery utilities will no-longer be there. Thus to hopefully revert to/re-install Vista you will either need a bootable recovery DVD (which either comes from Acer, or you made one as above); or you need an OEM copy of the Vista operating system and use your original Vista OEM key to activate it.

Presuming you really want to go back to Vista (why...?) have you tried booting the system with "your" recovery disk" or whatever the Acer backup disk is to which you refer?

Personally, if win-7 is working OK I'd stick with; it's way better than Vista - as was XP for the most part.

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July 29, 2016 at 07:40:47
I tried above three link but not successful.

I have acer recovery disk for vista but unfortunately it is not working in dvd drive and every time it got the message "please insert cd".

I have no windows 7 installation software but it is working fine. I want to back my computer to restore factory point. I will consider both option for operating system ( windows 7 or vista) while factory restore.

I made the recovery disk through first time when i purchased the laptop as per acer instruction.

Still I am ok with windows 7 if factory restore is working fine.

and last you mentioned that reinstall vista with bootable dvd which I have not.

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July 29, 2016 at 09:19:13
I've never made - or at least used - a recovery disk made as per Acer's instruction for a new computer. When I used Acer kit they provided a full set of recovery disk. I'm presuming that the recovery disk you have isn't bootable for whatever reasons.

To test that your DVD unit is OK... try another DVD that is known to be bootable and does work. If you haven't got one then download a Linux ISO; burn to DVD; boot with that DVD. That will load into RAM only (unless you opt to instal it - which DO NOT). It will - presuming it does boot etc. - incidentally verify that the system hardware as a whole is OK, as otherwise it wouldn't boot up to GUI/windows style desktop. is one source of a Linux variant; and like the others it's free....

I am increasingly inclined to feel that the original Vista recovery partition is no more... because of the reformats done recently...

If you know anyone who has an OEM win-7 dusk, you can copy that and legally use with "your" OEM key; which is usually on the sticker on the base of the laptop (or sometimes inside the battery compartment.

If you google for windows-7 OEM download you will find those too; I think M$ actually still provide a source on-line; but they do require you show you have a valid OEM key... You cannot use a retail version with an OEM key nor an OEM with a retail key.

Re' Vista recovery disk set; have you browsed around Acer support etc; or even dun a google search for it - specifying your specific model of course.

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July 29, 2016 at 09:36:52
If the hidden recovery partition was wiped out when Win7 was installed, you're out of luck. There's no going back to Vista...why would you even want to?

What is wrong with the Win7 installation?

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July 29, 2016 at 10:38:29
Comments from your other post, which I am going to delete.

Are you trying to use the backup DVD while in Windows 7? You can't format your C drive while inside Windows?

Also, if the drives were wiped there are no recovery files on the hard drive.

You can't downgrade while inside Windows. Try booting to the DVD.

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July 29, 2016 at 11:09:05
Yes, I used Acer backup dvd while in windows 7 (created at the time of purchasing as advised by Acer on vista format) but not worked into my DVD drive and its eject it every time (some time its read and some time its not).

For booting with DVD, I have no bootable DVD to downgrade my window.

My concern is that I want my laptop to factory restore point (windows vista and windows 7 is not my concern) right now i have no issue with windows 7 but i have no windows 7 backup and key. Yes I have vista key which is available at the back of my laptop.

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July 29, 2016 at 13:22:12
If you have win-7 installed and it's working *activated) how was that done?

Since the original Acer restore partition (for Vista) has been wiped out... you can't restore to factory state, via eRecovery utility.

The recovery dvd you made, as advised by Acer when system was new and running Vista, can only be used as per the instructions that Acer provide in their manul... Have you looked at how to use?

Also have a look here for explanations etc. re' the disk you might have received frm Acer when system was new:

It also has a link re' obtaining a genuine Recovery disk (from Acer)

Since Acer eRecovery utility is no more... the alt+F10 routine to enable a reset from a user created cd/dvd - or from the recovery partition - won't work.

This is where to find the manual for a typical 45 series;and page 79 discusses the whole issue of recovery disk etc.; download the user manual; then view page 79...

This is one site that "used" to link to a legal download for Vista ISO OEM... if you click on the download you get to the right page but then there is an update; worth looking at as it does seem to suggest M$ may help provide a replacement Vista OEM. But who know - Vista is history for many these days. Although "strangely" XP is still much liked/preferred over Vista - and XP support is no more...

This is a link to a possible download source for Vista for Acer 4500series; can't comment on it as never used it:

If per chance you do manage to reset to Vista... I'd make a bootable image (via Acronis or similar) as you will not be able to make a recovery partition...

But again... if you have win-7 installed and working... how was this achieved? By that I mean how was was it (legally) activated?

Vista "may still be around as an unbadged OEM on possibly ebay, Amazon etc. You would use your key. the OEM disk must not be one that is badged for a given make of computer; must be a straight OEM (often referred to as system builder). Similarly win-7 is still about both retail and OEM.

And then of course there are local clearance houses/computer fairs?

I'd still encourage you abandon the Vista epic; concentrate on having a legal (activated with proper installation and activation keys) win-7 system; and make a recovery set (i.e. a full windows style back up disk, and also an image - Acronis etc. - of the system once working as you want it. That way you would have two options to apply if the need arises in the future...

Any installation you achieve will not have eRecovery etc; unless you use a genuine Acer style recovery disk created however... And incidentally I'm not sure if the discs in the link I posted above work outside of the Acer eRcovery utility; you'd need to check on that...

Only other option.. chase up Acer and ask them for a suitable recovery CD/DVD...; and explain that yo have in effect a replacement hard drive. which is why no recovery partition or eRecovery utility... Having reformatted the original drive that effectively is the situation you are now in.

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July 29, 2016 at 13:57:40
Magical jelly bean key finder should be able to recover the installation key from your current Windows 7 installation. Your only concern might be if your installation is not legal.

Windows 7 can make a complete backup of your hard drive, which can be used to restore the computer if necessary. Click on the link below to learn how.

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July 29, 2016 at 15:13:29
Methinks the current win-7 installation "may" not be legal... I know of one or two outfits not too far from me who, in the past, have upgraded a clients OS using a corporate/group key... This becomes a problem later when the client seeks to download/install some (all?) updates; especially Service Packs...

Surely the IT chaps in this case ought to have given our friend full details of necessary keys for the installation - at least? And ideally a suitable installation disk too?

With the current situation a full back is essential and also an image; as I suggested in earlier replies...

The Magic Jellybean utility is good idea/recommendation; as it will also dig out any other software keys too? And all of them ought to be saved - the whole report even, - and printed/hard copy, and also saved as a file somewhere safe; even emailed to one's self too (the latter being a form of free cloud storage...). One can never have too many copies of critical info; and software keys can be critical...

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