Ram Problem: 35% of my RAM occupied at start

December 25, 2010 at 10:06:13
Specs: Windows Vista, 3 GB, ntel Core 2 Duo CPU T6500@2.1 GHz , 32 bits windows vista home premium.
I have an HP G70-460US laptop which has 3 GB ram! it all started from noisy fan, especially when i go to facebook with IE or Firefox in some facebook applications it get stuck and computer freezes or is slow. then my fan tries to cool it down and becomes noisy. so i checked task messenger. i use msconfig and killed everything except microsoft ones. I restart and on Task massenger It shows about 1.3 or more is used, while no program is running. i even disconnected from internet thinking some1 is using my computer through hacking. it did not change! someone says it is zombied!!! like others have hacked and using my compouter but task messenger dont show a thing. i ran memoiry diagnoses no problem.
is this 35% being used at start normal? if nott any fixes. i have not had a restore piint established and prefer not to go back from day one to restore the computer if possible.

I have noticed also my cpu goes to 100% and comes down suddenly too and stay 3%-4%.

I appreciate if you could help

here are more info:
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6500@2.1 GHz , 32 bits windows vista home premium.
hard drive: 27.5 GB free out of 278 GB (could that cause the problem?)

i have also noticed on my system some program svchost.exe is running in back ground (few simultaneously)
but still adding all them up would not get anywhere near 1 GB even.

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December 25, 2010 at 10:20:23
"27.5 GB free out of 278 GB (could that cause the problem?)"

You must have a ton of sh!t on your hard drive. And yes, having that little free space can cause major problems. Do you ever clean up after yourself? Try installing & running CCleaner Slim.


As for the memory, how much of that 3GB is used by the onboard video? The CPU useage issue may be an infection. When's the last time you scanned for viruses & malware? Which antivirus do you have? If it's Norton or Mcafee, you'd be better off dumping it & replacing it with Microsoft Security Essentials.


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December 25, 2010 at 20:50:59
Install process explorer to see more details on what is running. 100% CPU is normal for short periods of time like when windows systems and antivirus systems are loading at start up and when you launch a program. If it goes down to 3% or 4% after that, that is about the best you can expect from a factory install (I have only got better with a clean install on a custom built system from Windows OEM install DVD).

If you are not running a distinct video card with dedicated video memory, that % of used memory is probably driving your video circuit. HP probably gave you 3GB RAM so you would have 2GB left for Windows. You would get a noticeable performance improvement if you added a video card with it's own dedicated memory.

If you are using Norton or McAfee, dump them (system hogs), I hear very good things about Avast (free version) antivirus program.

You have only about 10% free space on your hard drive, for optimal performance, you should try to have 15% or more. You may not need a cleaner if you systematically go through your system and both clean and edit.
1- Uninstall any program you do not use.
2- Use disk clean up feature in windows and have it clean out everything possible.
3- Set your browser to keep history for only a day or two.
4- Set your browser to delete cookies when you close it.
5- Go over your files and decide what you really need (music, pictures, and work from a few years ago may no longer matter to you, etc.
6- Consider getting an external hard drive for two purposes.
a- Back up critical files.
b- Off load non critical files that are rarely used, but not ready to be dumped.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.
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December 27, 2010 at 18:08:41
Hi Thanks
I have AVG free edition as Antivirus and regularly does run it (every week) at minimum,

the hard drive contains files i needed. i usually move them to a portable one though.

how can i check how much memory is used by oinboard video?

I do diskcleanup and even run CCcleaner.

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December 27, 2010 at 18:17:25
Finger Thanks.

I do most of the things you recommended.

I run AVG free edition as Antivirus. I had uninstalled MACafee and Norton.
I recently downloaded another sodtware to ensure no traces of macafee is left (i read it through this forum).
is there anything like that for norton?

I have 1500 G (2 different external drive). i remove my file there but at this moment i wanna know if thyat can cause the 1 + G memory usage?

how can i check how much ram my video card uses. i suspect that is the problem.

honesty i decided not to spend a dime on this hp anymore. i am not happy with it. in less than a year the fan start giving me problems.
ig i have to i go buy an ibm or that new laptop livino?

but i am using this as a learning process and see if i can find out why my memory usage is so high.

how can i check how much memory my video card is using?

btw my base score is 3.6!

my graphics is Mopbile Intel r 4 series expresess chpset family
gaming graphics is 1309 MB total graphics memory.

if i need to buy new laptop which graphic cards do i need to use that has independent memory?

i appreciate yor help

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