pc ignores a program running

January 4, 2014 at 13:57:49
Specs: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2, intel core 2 4300@1.8GHz/2.00GB
Hi, sometimes, when I run a program (say excel, word, iexplorer or firefox) the PC starts de program, however, in the task manager it apears but with a percentage of CPU of ZERO! (or the rounding it). The point is that the program itself never apears nowhere. Sometimes it help to "awakeup", for instance firefox, to run iexlporer. Sometimes I end up running like ten instances of the same program, but to no result!
Asny guess of whats going on in my CPU (well my PC's, not mine).
BTW, most of the time it runs the programs OK.
Thou, most of the time the CPU ignores everybody: it does nothing (its an intel core 2 duo), most of the time its only 5% in use!!! For all the aplications! I think its just having a good relaxed time.
THX for the advice.

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January 4, 2014 at 14:53:16
It is not that the CPU is ignoring a process, it is simply that most processes spend the majority of their time waiting for something to do during which time they require zero CPU time. A process might run for many hours but only require the CPU for a small fraction of a second. This is completely normal and as it should be.

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January 4, 2014 at 18:58:08
Hi, I'm sorry but the fact is that even the splash image is not shown and the program is NOT running at all. I only know the program has been started (executed) only because it apears in the task list otherwise nothing happens. And when I say that the whole CPU is not properly "taking its responsibilities" is because I do something (like a Return) and I expect an outcome as a result, but nothing happens just as if the CPU was Doing something (other process for instance) but I can see the CPU is doing nothing from the fact that the overall percentage of CPU usage is VERY low (like 5% or the like). One time I had like 10 instances of Iexplorer, like 3 instances of firefox and a cople of word and a couple of excels instances running all at the same time and the desktop was "virgin", nothing happened (i knew they all where there only from the task manager) and the OVERALL usage was, I can't recall the exact figure now but it was surely like 5% (taking a nap!)
Thats why I say its taking its life easy.
I would expect a 90 like percentage of usage when in an instance of CPU intensive moment, even when most of the time is normaly seating waiting for a task asignment.
But this is seating all the time even when its asked to do some work.

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February 9, 2014 at 21:08:25
Hi JHernandez here.
I've been asked to pick a Best Answer. However, there's no answer whatsoever to choose from.
Is February 9th 2014 and stil no answer.

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