Need help getting trusted installer to file

Sony Vaio laptop with intel core 2 duo p...
March 9, 2010 at 13:10:21
Specs: Win Vista 64 Bit, Intel Dual core, 4GB
Hello, I recently realized that my Sony Vaio will no longer update my Windows Vista anymore. It previously did this automatically, and now it says there is a problem. Upon further investigation, I found out that some people with Avast antivirus had similar issues and it may have deleted the trustedinstaller file from my Windows Vista. So I am looking for another 64 bit Win Vista trustedinstaller as the old one is missing. I have a second problem as under the file windows/servicing, it will NOT allow me to make any changes or put anything in there even though I am logged in as Adminstrator. It says I need administrator privileges, so I am confused how I can acquire this if I am already logged in as adminstrator and not another user nor guest. I appreciate any suggestions.

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March 9, 2010 at 17:26:52
You've got a few different problems here:

1) Although you're logged in as administrator, you will almost always be treated as a non-administrator (user). This is a security feature of Windows Vista and it is referred to as the User Account Control (UAC). Usually the solution for this type of problem is to right-click the application and choose "Run As Administrator" from the right-click menu.

2) You are not properly communicating whether your problem is Windows Updates, Antivirus Updates, or something related to your Sony Vaio's complimentary software. Please be more specific on the problem you're experiencing and don't concentrate as much on communicating what you've tried. Often the attempts made to fix problems are unnecessary or downright incorrect.

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March 9, 2010 at 19:31:52
I apologize that the issue was not clear, I am sorry. The problem is that Windows Vista will not update itself anymore from Microsoft. You know the windows update that automatically updates (or you can set it to manually download update Vista)? I can use the internet fine and Avast antivirus updates itself fine. What I heard is that a recent update with the Avast software would cause some people to lose the trustedinstaller file that is located in your Windows/servicing directory. Apparently, everyone has one that is using Windows as their OS. I am not a tech expert, I but I heard Avast treated the file as a false positive or something like that, thinking it is a virus and deleted it, thus disabling the capability for Windows update to work anymore as it is a critical file. So thus I now need another 64 bit Windows Vista "trustedinstaller" application file which everything that is using Windows Vista 64 bit OS has in the Windows/servicing directory. I also need to be able to copy that file to the directory again (hopefully your suggestion in Part 1 will work, have not tried it yet but will shortly) once I can find someone willing to send me a copy of that application file. But it has to be someone with Windows Vista 64 bit

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March 9, 2010 at 19:35:25
By the way, where exactly would I right click to run as administrator when trying to change the properties on the windows/servicing directory because I cannot find that option?

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