my hard drives seem to be full

Acer / 5920
January 25, 2011 at 23:45:10
Specs: Windows Vista
I use a Acer Aspire 5920g laptop which works on windows vista home premium. Its a 120 gb. As instructed by customer service I have set my laptop for factory default once using the way instructed to me as my windows media centre had stopped working . It was working fine but now I seem to the same problem along with few others.
My disk space is almost full. My C:\\ drive is of 51.1gb capacity. In which I have personal data which include a few software of about 10 gb in total. I do not know how the other 40gb if full. As far my operating system is concerned it should take 20gb max. I do not understand where my other 20 gb is used. I tried finding it but was unsuccessful. I have tried using system file checker or sfc/scannow in command prompt logging in as administrator but the scan stops at 76%. I have tried all possible ways but still its the same.
My D:\\ drive is of 47.6gb. I have utilised 25 gb max of it. I do not know why still it says 41 gb utilised.
I want to know why is it so and how can i get my disk space back and why my system file checker is not able to complete the scan and what can i do to fix it.
What I think is when I had done system restore to factory default using alt+F10 button and selecting the factory default option, somehow the files got copied twice. Is it possible? Do you think it might be the case? I use a licensed software called Advance system care. In this you have the option of finding any cloned files. When i used it I did found many of my files appear to be cloned. I do not know if its normal. Few of files appear to be cloned once and few others like 4 times. I do not understand why is this case. Please help me free all my space and my file checker running.
Your help at the earliest will be much appreciated.

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January 26, 2011 at 10:01:15
Did you empty the cache in your Internet Explorer and clean up the Download you have? 40 GB is tinny by the way. It might be time to upgrade.

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