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My ACER Laptop Won’t Recognise My CD Drive

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I have a Acer aspire laptop and it always used to play CDs or DVDs when one was put in the drive, but I have recently tried it, and it says on windows media player, when I click on Rip “A CD drive is required to rip music”. I don’ know what to do because it always used to work. I am not very good with computers some simple steps to resolve this problem would be very much appreciated 🙂 many thanks!


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  1. Go into Device Manager >> DVD/CD-ROM Drives.
    Right-click the CD drive & choose “Uninstall”.
    Restart Windows & it will automatically re-install the driver for the CD drive.
    Now try using it again.
    If still it doesn’t work, the drive itself may be faulty.

    Check if the light on the front of the drive come on when the machine is powered-on. If so, you may have a bad connection to the drive. If it doesn’t come on, it may have a power-connection loose. Also, the drive could have completely died (it does happen on occasion). If you’re not comfortable on the inside of a machine, it may be best to take it to someone who is, especially since it’s a laptop.

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