IRQL not less or equal BSOD

May 2, 2011 at 03:08:19
Specs: Windows Vista, 3 sticks of 1GB and one of 2GB
So my computer froze up this morning and after a little waiting I turned it off. Got the standard do you want to start in safe mode and just started normally. I got diverted to a blueish screen and nothing happened. Turned off again and it said would you like to start the launch repair feature. I did this but it never got past the blueish screen and after a while it BSOD'ed. The hard drive or something else makes a slow clicking sound as well. I'm gonna try taking some ram out and cleaning everything because its a little dusty.

Not really had any big problems with it before but I can't even start up that well at the moment. I can't start in safe mode as it doesn't give me the options and so on. I can get the menus at the start though (the ones you press F10 and such for.).

I'm no expert on computers and any help would be really nice. Upgrading anything hardware wise probably won't really be happening as I can't afford it.

Edit: So I used the diagnostic tool and got a BIOHD-8 error on my hard drive. It even made a little clicking noise as it was tested. I really hope it isn't the mechanics of the system. It seems unlikely as well since I haven't moved it around or anything.

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May 2, 2011 at 04:58:43
Continuously clicking hard drive is constantly resetting itself as it cannot find the sector that contains the information about the drive setup / geometry. It will quit clicking after a set number of retrys. If this drive comes up, you will have limited time to get your data off before it is no longer available. This is a one shot deal, if at all.
Generally, the only time to access this drive will be when it is cold. After it spins for a minute and warms, it's may not restart.
Best of luck!

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May 2, 2011 at 07:08:42
The problem is I can't access anything due to it not launching. It just clicks when its launching. I need some way to fix the pathway or whatever so it can launch properly and so I can pull off my data. It's a rather slow clicking noise. I haven't made any big changes recently and I think windows updated its self a couple of days ago.

I know someone who could possibly get the data for me and i'm gonna ring up HP support tomorrow as the Hard drive error code is one of theirs but I just need a way to find out whatever its missing or whats broken through the F10 launch and stuff.

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