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Installed new motherboard on my HP M8000n com

July 14, 2011 at 17:23:49
Specs: Windows Vista Home premium, 32-64 bit
I have an HP Media Center M8000n desktop PC. An HP BIOS update killed my motherboard. I installed a new one and it worked fine. I saved everything on my computer and put my computer in a full recovery back to original setting. Everything went fine untill it restatred. Then it said that there was a configuration eror (CODE PURPLE) I called HP and they sai(CODE PURPLE) was the motherboard and had to be replaced. I bought a used tested original board off of eBay and installed it very carefully and triple checked everything incl. the memory sticks and wiring. I go to fire it up, and now all it does is beep repeatedly with no screen. Is this the motherboard again? Or, what do you think? Jim

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July 15, 2011 at 13:07:49
Seems odd. Why did a bios update kill the board? It should have a fail safe recovery bios.

Remember this. There is no reason to update a working bios ever.

Beep codes are provided to tell you the system can't finish P.O.S.T.

Yes, some issue with hardware. See tech doc's for the meaning of the beep code pattern.

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July 15, 2011 at 14:09:39
I know now, not to ever do a BIOS update, even if it is recommended by HP's own website. It said it would prevent problems like blue screen. At the time I though it would be good to have the protection. HP tech's even admitted the the upgrade killed my motherboard, but it was out of warranty. They wanted me to send the whole computer to them and pay for everything. I went on eBay and bought a brand new motherboard for $75 shipping incl. I installed it. And everything was back to normal. Then I decided to save all of my files and do a complete recovery of my system to make sure all the bad stuff was out of there. Everything went great until it had me restart the computer. Then I get a configuration error and can't do anything with it. So, I restarted the computer again. And know it says Award BootBlock Bios V 1.0 copyright (c) 2000 award software, inc Bios ROM checksum error. Then everyone is telling me the motherboard is bad again. I send the new one back and got a refund. Then I buy a used one this time with the same hp p/n on it. I install that, and all I get is repeating beeps. I checked all of the memory stick each one seperately triple checked all of the wire connection. And still just beeps. no screen or controls. Lights conme on , fans work, CD rom works, but just beeps. So, I take this board out again, and instal my original board. Screen comes on, no beeps. But get this message.
Award BootBlock Bios V 1.0
copyright (0) 2000 award software, inc
Bios Rom checksum error
Detecting IDE ATAPI Device
Found CDrom, try to boot from it...Pass
Disc Boot failure, insert system disc and press enter.

I put it disc and it keeps repeating itself
Disk boot Failure, insert system disc and press enter

So, now I bought a 4th motherboard. waiting for it to get here. Then I'll try it again. Jim

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