IIS & PHP under Vista

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February 1, 2009 at 21:33:48
Specs: Vista, E6400/4GB
I am trying to setup mp3toolbox under vista. I had it running under my XP system, but the changes are apparently significant enough that I'm missing something. I believe the issue is permissions based... but where?

I installed the php5isapi.dll and the mp3toolbox php files.

The tools/site work perfectly, IF the music folder is not inside my user profile.

I.E. if the music is located in "d:\music" and I enter that in the path for the php toolbox, it works fine.

BUT if I move it into d:\users\njellis\music it won't list any music. The PHP still works, but displays "no folder exists" in the web page.

So it's like it doesn't have the ability to get there and read the items under my profile.

I have set both njellis and music with permissions including everyone (with read list access), and iusr (with read list access). These do not resolve the issue.

Another side: piece of information
PHP is installed c:\php\

the website is d:\websites\mp3toolbox - and is configured as a virtual server.

Thanks for any help.

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February 2, 2009 at 14:25:35
hmm , not sure how to solve this problem
dit you changed php.ini and removed a few lines (sorry dont know anymore what lines , but seach on the net for a tutorial)

do you got the php file activated into the web aplications (reconising of files) and on the domain name itself ??

i got it working before , but whit a other problem
i needed to put in a username/pass before you could acces the files :S

Thank you
Greets From The Crasher

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February 2, 2009 at 17:21:56
Thanks for the follow up and the suggestions. Unfortunately it's not really a problem with PHP working correctly, as it works perfectly if the music is in d:\mp3s

So the PHP side of things are working fine strictly speaking. But perhaps there's something that doesn't allow the PHP into my d:\users directory under vista -- but what it is, I knoweth not.

Thanks though! :)

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