I cant fix the startup repair on my toshiba.

May 8, 2011 at 13:58:10
Specs: Vista, Intel pentium dual core inside.
Ok, I had a lan with my friends and I thought I should show him How to get into someones user on a computer. So I booted up in safe mode, and it stod loading files or something, and because of the pc is slow It stod loading files very long. So I turned of the laptop By holding the power button. When it started up again it said "could not load windows" and gave me 2 oppertuneties: 1. Start the repairation tool or 2. Start windows in normal way. Well it did not say this because i have a Norwegian laptop. So I started up in normal way. And got a blue screen saying some things i cant remember. And it shut down By it self. Then i tryed again, the same result. So I tryed the startup repair and saying repairing disk or something. My friend used bike and did not watch me When i did it and we did not use it after that. So, since he used bike, he dont know anything yet. He needs it to morrow and I dont want to Pay for a new toshiba. Now its still running startup repair and have done that long now.
What should i do whitout no noe to know?

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May 9, 2011 at 14:17:18
Most laptops have a way to return it to the way it was when bought. See the owners manual for how to.

I'd boot to some live media to remove any important data before I did a restore.

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