HP dv5 is hunging on Blinking Dash :'(

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July 11, 2011 at 00:08:39
Specs: Vista, Due Core
Hello everyone,

Long story short. I have an HP Pavilion Laptop (dv5) and I have a serious issue.

First, the Laptop was restarting all by itself without any notice.

I tried to backup my stuff but the laptop did not even recognize or read the USB Drives.

After that, the laptop was shutting down all by itself.

I tried my best to backup but NO WAY, either restart or shutdown and can't do anything :(

I tired to remove the RAMs. I have two, each is 2GB.
When I removed them all, turned the laptop on, nothing happened. Obviously.

I decided to insert ONLY one and leave the other. The Laptop has magically worked without any issue. 2GB RAM now instead of 4 and it was working perfectly.

Stupid me, I decided to test the other RAM so I took the first and inserted the second one only.
Since I have done that until now (more than 8 hours), the laptop can NOT login to Windows. I just can login to BIOS.

It is always stuck or hung up on a Blinking Dash with Black Screen. THAT IS ALL.

No matter which RAM I use, whether I remove or insert them all, NOTHING happens.

Funny thing is, in BIOS, there's a RAM Test. It's always say PASS and the BIOS is always detecting the RAM but why I can't even login to Windows anymore and pass that stupid blinking dash?

Please HELP!

Thank you!

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July 11, 2011 at 08:39:54
usually a blinking cursor means no master boot record which can be repaired by booting into recovery console and running fixmbr and fixboot.

fact you have issues with usb and ram leads me to think you have a failing mainboard.

this is the vista forum but you list ME. If this laptop is ME vintage I would suspect your laptop is toast.

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July 11, 2011 at 09:58:31
That was a mistake, it's VISTA not Me. Sorry about that.

If there is something wrong with the MBR, then why it did work when I unplugged all RAMs (two chips) and plugged one of them and turned the Laptop on? it was even faster when I was copying files from the laptop to the external HDD than when I was using my both RAM Chips.

Transfer Rate was 750KB/Sec. After I removed one of the RAM, it became 15MB/sec. However, when I tried to check the other RAM, the whole thing stopped and I get only the Blinking Cursor/Dash.

Is there anything I can do at this point? rather than fixing MBR?

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