HP DV2000 laptop- won't boot-blackscreen

March 14, 2011 at 15:58:50
Specs: Windows 7
Laptop won't boot,blackscreen. Just replaced logic board,new ram,removed the hard drive and did a restore to it externally using a sata adapter kit(usb 2.0) . This laptop had been acting strange for awhile before it finally blacked out. Would not reboot on a restart. Locked up in sleep mode. Locked me out of the bios. That's when the real fun began.It defaults to wireless OFF . I could not get on the net. I fixed that,I will say how in case it will help anyone. I used the TRK which stands for trinity recovery kit. It is a free program (Linux) that runs outside of your Windows program,and looks inside. From there,you can do amazing things.I went "around" my bios (locked out) and turned the wireless back on. Get TRK if you are having problems.Do a search to get the link. I went ahead now and ordered a new cpu. I got a good deal on one so I am waiting for it to arrive. Do you think that it is the cpu messing up? I am determined to fix this laptop. The HP DV2000 pavilion is a nice little laptop...when it decides to work. I read one arcticle about an owner who "blew" into the fan vent,trying to get theirs to work.Like mouth to mouth resuscitation or something,and it worked. I have not tried that yet. Any input will be appreciated.

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March 14, 2011 at 23:14:59
shoot me an email i may be able to help jwine.student@manhattan.edu

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March 15, 2011 at 21:16:00
Thanks for interest, I am right now waiting on a new amd processor for my
hp dv2000 pavilion laptop.
I had found a refurbished logic board (tested as working) on e-bay. I installed it,did
a cooling fix on the fan with artic silver while I had it all apart.
Put new ram sticks. Then ,while I had the hard drive out,hooked it up to my working
computer via a sata adapter. I rolled it back (restore) to a time before it had stopped
booting. The dv2000 stopped booting after I had tried to install Internet Explorer 8
web browser. The dv would start to boot,then say,"device not found" and the load
box would drop out,blackscreen then. I tried F8 on start to enter recovery tools,and
the menu did come up,but did not function when a choice done.Blackscreen again.
This dv has acted strange for quite awhile. Would not reboot on a restart,locked up
during "sleep" . I had it working by using TRK until I tried to update the browser to IE8. Now,after I get the new cpu,I am going to try using the rolled back hard drive which has vista home premium on it. I will uninstall IE8 immediately if I get that far.
I can only think the cpu must be faulty. The screen had worked until I lost the MBR
master boot record. As it is now, I can't see what it is trying to do.But I can hear it
and it cranks like an old car,just like before.So, I am waiting on the new cpu and just not mess with it until cpu arrives. What do you think ? I appreciate your interest and will respond.Please allow time as I am on and offline. By the way,the computer I am using now is an absolute steal that I was sold at a deep discount on e-bay. I lucked out getting this laptop.It is a used refurbished Lenovo T60.
Thank You again for input ! I will get back to you with any updates or reply.

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