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Solved How To Start Command Prompt Before OS Windows Vista Boots?

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Hi everyone,

I have to following problem:

My laptop HP 2230s freezes when it gets in to windows, but it does only do this when the AC is plugged in. Battery is almost dead and it does not really charge, well it does but before OS starts…

Now what i would like to achieve is to copy all my files from the HDD to an external HDD (usb connector) or DVD/USB storage device(stick)

When i’m in the BIOS, nothing is wrong, even with the AC connected. Laptop is fast and doesn’t freez. So if its posible to start a cmd prompt before Vista boots, i could use the following command to copy my files: xcopy “C:\” E:\backup /A /S (E will be the external HDD in this case.)

Is there any USB/DVD bootable version of MS DOS which enables me to do this? OR is there any a command prompt which is bootable from a USB/DVD which allows me to do this?

Many thanks!


1 Answer

  1. As often as not with Live Linux CD’s you can use drag and drop to copy your own files onto a flash drive.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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