how to solve Bootmgr is missing error on window vista

May 24, 2015 at 12:53:25
Specs: Window vista, 1gb
Hello guys, I have been going through all your comments on this forum for some time and m very confident I can surely find solution to my pc problem here... The problem am having is this... I tried to format the c: drive partition where the OS was installed using the cmd prompt and it's almost successful except that my system could not load to window again since then and anytime I switched on my laptop I always see a blank screen with the only "BOOTMRG is missing press ctrl Alt Del to restart" words displayed on the screen... Please help me, I am an amature in dealing with computers problems, I have tried using every method I research online to solve this problem,including using a recovery disc but I couldn't solve the problem because anything I insert the disc into the DVD rom, the disc won't read. maybe I didn't get it right or something , I don't know. please kindly help me in anyway u can if u understand my problem... Thanks

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May 24, 2015 at 13:37:53
BIOS isn't on the C: drive partition - it's effectively hardware.

If you managed to somehow reformat without installing an operating system afterwards then there will be no Windows files on the computer (BOOTMGR is a Windows file).

You have to go into BIOS and set your CD/DVD drive ahead of the hard disk. Then put the recovery disk in the drive and restart your computer.

Otherwise let us know the make and model number of your computer.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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May 24, 2015 at 13:42:16
You formatted the drive so you effectively wiped the drive. There's nothing to boot from. Now you have to reinstall Windows. You will most likely have to rearrange the boot order to be able to boot from the Windows disc. You didn't post any info about your system so all I can suggest is that you watch the screen when you start the computer & look for a brief message that says something like "press F2 to enter setup". That will take you to the BIOS setup program where you can change the boot order. Make sure the CD/DVD drive is listed before the hard drive, save the settings & exit. Your system will then be able to boot off the Windows disc. But that's just the beginnings of your

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May 24, 2015 at 13:43:49
mmm not sure I follow your process...

"formatting from the cmd prompt..." How are you accessing/getting the cmd prompt?

Typically the C: partition is where windows will be installed; and you cannot ask it format the partition in which it lives and presumably is producing the command prompt - as in effect you'll be asking it to commit suicide (by formatting the partition and thus removing the windows OS itself).

If you have managed (somehow) to reformat the C: partition then the boot.mgr and all startup files will have been erased, along with the actual system files etc..

If you are wishing to re-install Vista then simply boot up with the Vista DVD (or CD whichever it is) and follow the on-screen prompts? This presumes it is a proper full version Vista disk (OEM or Retail). If it's a recovery disk then much the same process.. However the make/model of the laptop is important here as each has its own way(s) of going about a recovery process (factory restore/reset routine).

So what make/model laptop?

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