Hardware/OS crashing

October 10, 2009 at 11:19:56
Specs: Windows Vista 64x
Few weeks ago I have ordered parts and built my own gaming pc. The first week i have experienced problem with ram, I couldn't install any 64bit OS, the setup resulted in BSOD and crashed (one of module was faulty and returned 11errors and 1 pass when tested with memtes86+) but i reduced ram frequency and the problems stopped (no errors with memetest and windows worked perfectly). Now after a week of everyday use my pc keeps crashing again everyday (I get new BSOD stop errors everytime for example in 2 days I had: 0x000007e , 0x000003b , 0x000000c2 , 0x0000001e , 0x00000050 and so on and so on....). Tryed to reinstall Win7 but failed (resulted in an error with something like "verify that the installation source is accessible. 0x00000005 if i'm not mistaken) and couldn't format my hdd during the win setup (0x80070057). Tried to plug the hdd sata cable to different slot on mb. Didn't help. Check disk didn't find any errors or bad sectors. I don't know how but today i managed to intall Vista x64 but now like every 20minutes something stops responding (mostly svc_host.exe) and games crash or result in blue screen.

The main problem is i don't know which parts should i return. Could this all be caused because of bad RAM, although it didn't show any error with memtest?

Ough my specs btw:
Athlon x2 7850be
CORSAIR DDR2 XMS2-8500 4GB DIM @ 800mhz
XFX HD 4870 PCI-E 512MB
Chieftec 600W psu 48A on 12v (i think it enough for this system)
Samsung HD103UJ 1TB (sata 2)
LG DVDRW (IDE cable)

Thanks in advice for reading this post and your help. And sorry for bad english.

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October 10, 2009 at 12:44:47
Try it with one ram stick at a time to see if the problem persists using recomended settings.

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October 10, 2009 at 19:42:04
In the first part you describe that one stick of RAM showed errors in memtest+86. Was this when testing each stick by itself? Later you mention degrading the RAM clock and trying again. What is the rating for the RAM? You list it as DDR2-8500 set at 800Mhz. According to the Gigabyte site the board should support running at 1066 if you are using 2 modules the manual states install in the DDR2_1 and DDR2_2 sockets.

If there is any question on new parts that one or more is bad then replace it now while it can be returned easier than waiting and trying to make do with questionable ones.

As for the install problems with Win7 what mode is the SATA/IDE bus set in BIOS? Vista and Win7 need to be in AHCI mode for install. Check the "Integrated Peripherals" page in BIOS (see page 47 of the manual) for the "OnChip SATA Type".

You need to make sure all hardware is good and from what you described the memory is not 100%.


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October 11, 2009 at 01:29:56

Sorry guys my bad, yesterday i memtested it again and it returned 2 pass and 754 errors. I'm lucky windows even boots. Will return ram to seller. Thanks for the bios advice, i was looking for that. Problem solved i guess. Cheers

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