Graphic Card Issue

Micro-star international / MS-7392
January 3, 2009 at 18:13:04
Specs: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, 2.493 GHz / 4094 MB
My ATI HD4850 graphic Card is Lagging, i know that its not processor, its not RAM, its not HDD, Its Graphic card who is lagging, i don't know is it to much OverClocked, or it is burned little bit down... or broken... My Friend has Nvidia 7000 Series Graphic card ... 2GB Ram... E2100 intel Dual-Core Processor... and hes playing GTA IV without lags on medium... but i with my good computer play on lowest with lagz ... something is wrong with video card..

I installed all drivers.. for it... mabey its DirectX Problem :O Becouse... It asks some games please install DirectX 9.0c or Higher but i has DirectX 10.0 am running on Vista 64bit it shows in DxDiag .. that i has DirectX 10.0 :O mabey there is way.. to uninstall DirectX .. and install it agen.. if so tell me program with what to do it... or how to do it... and please give me link to DirectX 10.0 .. But that only if that is the real one problem.. mabey its something else

And i bought that card... 5 weeks ago .. so its young

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January 3, 2009 at 19:23:24
Have you checked the GPU temperature, and did you download all *updates* for the video card drivers ?

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January 4, 2009 at 09:42:17
Yes GPU Temperatur is always 30C-40C, 40C is max I has Titan Cooler on it... But strange this is 3 Core card.. it has self Cooling... But before i had Titan Cooler.. my temperature on Crysis game was like 80C-112C! I was like OMG..Well then i bought titan cooler and it goes down to 30C-40C :O... And yes i has latest drivers 10.12 ATI drivers.... But i think i will just wait for more better drivers like 10.13.. Becouse shadows in GTA IV are ugly..

Oh and almost forgot... When i had 10.11 ATI drivers... GTA IV lagged alot on lowest... sometimes it din't lag on highest...sometimes din't lag on lowest... Then i got 10.12 all lagged less... now i can play on lowest almost without lags... mabey little little bit... lags but it shouldn't lag at all...

And... Halo it lags to you know first halo right?

Well that game lags to... its like when i start one big map called extinction or something.... When i connect to it and turn my mouse arround it lags alot... but then it doesn't lag anymore... its like my computer doesn't load all...It loads all textures and shaders only on last momment... For that am 70% Sure... That my computer is loading all to slow... but when games are loading saves.. it loads fast.. but when you are in-game then it starts loading slow...

Mabey.. thats why my SpiderMan Web Of Shadows lags to.... When i start moving really fast in spiderman it starts lagging... but spiderman needs really s---ty computer... and Halo to... Idk.. what is wrong

Well you can find System requirements for Halo and GTA IV and Web of Shadows your self you will see..

Please help me...

And i has latest drivers 10.12 for now are latest... But i wish there were like 10.15 :(

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January 7, 2009 at 12:57:48
Yep, you will just don't answer like that other time.. Becouse nobody knows whats wrong ;(

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