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Edge Chromium For Vista? Is It Possible?

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If you try to install the newest Edge Chromium browser on Windows Vista you will end up with an error.

Obviously this new browser is written for newer operating systems like:

– Windows Server 2008R2 or higher
– Windows 7 or higher (32 or 64 bit)

I already tried to extract the standalone (Enterprise/MSI) installer with a utility called LessMSI without succes.
In this way I was hoping to create a portable version.
I have also seen the “procedure entry point” error which shows up when you execute the downloaded setup stub.

This error is descriped here in detail with a fix that I don’t understand (i am an administrator, not a developer).…

It seems to me that this fix has to be applied when compiling. With the source code being public this seems possible to me at first sight, but perhaps there are other conditions that will prevent this fix (it would be a fix for the stub file, but I hope also for the actual installation itself).

Also I have installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package on my Vista machine to see if that would help, without succes.

What I ddn’t do until now is to copy and paste the files from a Windows 7 machine to a Windows Vista machine, but that would be my last resort.

Meanwhile I have also installed the Dotnet Framework 4.6 for Vista (3.5 and 4.5 were already installed) which also didn’t help.

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  1. I’m just trying to give viable alternatives.

    You will not get Edge to work with Vista. And to be able to use any of the browsers listed in response #4, you will have to download older/outdated versions because the most current versions will not work. I’m sure you already know that. Vista was never a popular OS & the current worldwide market share is 0.45% so no browser developer is going to waste their time maintaining support for it.…

    EDIT: I just wanted to add that I started experimenting with Linux in about 2005 after beta testing Vista. By the time Vista was RTM in 2007, I was fairly proficient with Linux & I’ve stuck with it. I have Win10 machines as well but I could easily abandon Windows altogether & not miss a step.

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