Disk read error

May 25, 2010 at 07:04:36
Specs: vista
using erecovery disk failed.

reboot giving disk read error

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May 26, 2010 at 22:17:28

If your computer has just been formatted, your computer might require you to insert the boot CD to be able to run it. You might hence get the error message Disk Boot Failure- Insert disk and press enter displayed on the screen every time you will try to run it. This might be linked to:

1. The boot options not correctly set in BIOS
2. A non bootable CD is found in your CD drive
3. You do not possess any bootable device
4. You have installed a new hard disk
5. The hard disk is not properly plugged
6. Your system files have been infected

Solution 1: Ensure that your drives are empty:-
If there is a non bootable CD or disk in the drives, your computer might be attempting to boot the program with this disk. Hence, ensure that the floppy disk drive, the CD/R and DVD drives are all empty before restarting your computer and trying to run computer again.

Solution 2: BIOS set up:-
If this has not solved the problem, it might be linked to a wrong set up of BIOS. Hence,
1. To enter BIOS, press the F8 key when the Windows screen shows up upon the start of the computer.
2. Then all you have top do is to prioritize the boot sequence to Disk C:

Solution 3: New hard drive configuration:-
If you have just installed a new hard drive, you should insert the system installation CD and restart your computer again so that it reboots with the CD.

Solution 4: Hard drive not properly plugged in :-
If your hard drive is not properly plugged in, this can also lead to a rebooting error message. Hence, I will suggest you to switch off your computer and remove it from the power switch before checking the cables attached to it. Ensure also that the motherboard is correctly installed. Hence, put it again and try running your system.

Solution 5: Restore the corrupted system files:-
If neither solution has solved your issue, then it might be due to a corruption of your system files. Hence,
1. Start your computer with a system boot CD and once it is running, enter the command “Dir C:” to ensure that you can access the C: drive’s contents.
2. If the computer enables you to access the contents, then you can enter the command

fdisk /mbr
sys c:

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